PokerStars’ brand new tournament series, the Spring Championship of Online Poker, continued this afternoon with their second Hold’em event.  Event 4 was a No-Limit Hold’em 2x Second Chance Turbo Event, which kicked off at 4:30 Eastern time.  The second chance format allows for one full-stack re-buy up until the first break, but you may only re-buy if you lose all of your chips.  Blinds moved quickly being a turbo tournament, with blind levels each lasting only five minutes.  Starting stacks were 5,000 chips.  As with all of the SCOOP events, there were three tournaments held simultaneously, each with different buy-in levels – low, medium, and high, to suit bankrolls of all different sizes.

The low event had a buy-in of $15 + $1.50 and a guarantee of $100,000.  An incredible 14,496 competitors entered the tournament and 7,876 players re-bought.  This bumped the payout to a total of $335,580, with 2,700 places being paid.  Here’s how the final table finished out:

9th place – telley80 ($2,013.49)

8th place – blingATL ($3,020.23)

7th place – pattherat101 ($5,033.71)

6th place – MuppetKing ($8,389.51)

5th place – chuck2003 ($11,745.31)

4th place – DeCampo ($15,101.11)

3rd place – Battmeister ($20,134.81)

2nd place – ACB KGB ($26,799.42)

1st place – kingcoles80 ($33,558.01)

The medium buy-in, $300,000 guarantee event saw 2,887 entrants pay the $150 + $12 fee and had 1,487 re-buys.  414 players were going to get paid and when all the second chances were scooped up, the total prize pool ballooned to $656,100.

There were a few well-known pros playing the medium buy-in event, including the final two from the most recent World Series of Poker, Ivan Demidov and Peter Eastgate.  At the final table of the WSOP, it was of 먹튀검증사이트course Eastgate who was able to come out on top and become the champion.  However, in this tournament, Eastgate would find himself outside of the money, finishing 1,545th.  Demidov, on the other hand, finished in 28th place, good for $1,574.65.

The final table payouts:

9th place – geirto ($5,576.86)

8th place – riverbum22 ($8,870.48)

7th place – BeLOWaBOVe ($15,418.36)

6th place – SOXFAN83 ($21,979.36)

5th place – berdyfish ($28,540.36)

4th place – woltas ($37,725.76)

3rd place – bowser125 ($55,112.41)

2nd place – Belabacsi ($77,091.76)

1st place – Thx4UrM0ney – ($103,335.76)

The high roller event boasted a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize with a buy-in of $1,500 + $75.  Once again the guarantee was covered as 552 players entered and 282 took advantage of the second chance.  This brought the total prize pool to $1,251,000.

The top 63 would be paid in this one and there were quite a few pros who took the shot at a nice payday.  Many had also played in the medium buy-in event, such as Eastgate and Demidov and fellow PokerStars Pro Chad Brown.  There was also no shortage of well-known internet players, like shaundeeb, xxjondxx, apestyles and PearlJammer.

In the end though, it was an unknown player, PokerKai, taking down the top spot and the $237,690 that came with it.

2nd place – buck21 ($175,140)

3rd place – ch0ppy ($128,227.50)

4th place – gibralter11 ($97,578)

5th place – Yo Burger ($68,805)

6th place – xxjondxx ($53,167.50)

7th place – yayaya ($40,657.50)

8th place – slammedfire ($28,147.50)

9th place – Chowdahhead4 ($20,766.60)