Day: August 13, 2020

Octavia Spencer says she hasn’t been paid what she deserves

Octavia Spencer knows her worth. The 48-year-old actress won an Oscar in 2012 — and has been nominated two times since — has taken home a Golden Globe award, multiple SAG awards and was just nominated for her first Emmy. But Spencer believes her pay doesn’t match her talent.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spencer was asked about whether her willingness to walk away from negotiations has been key to getting paid what she deserves.

“Oh, I haven’t gotten paid what I feel I deserve. Not yet,” she clarified. “But I always get a raise. Every single job, I get a raise. I don’t think any woman has really gotten what she deserves. But when I ask for something and they don’t meet it, I’m always willing to walk away.”

Octavia Spencer says she hasn’t yet been paid what she deserves. (Photo: Reuters)

“What would you

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