Day: September 5, 2020

Rihanna’s Documentary Will Debut on Amazon Next Summer


The People Who Created Facebook & YouTube Are Sorry

I’ve always been suspicious of what I consider tech alarmism. You know: dire headlines about how our phones are giving us all insomnia, deteriorating our ability to connect IRL, tanking our self-esteems, and maybe ruining our skin, too.Once COVID-19 hit, I even felt grateful for my access to technology. Email, Google, Slack, Zoom, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage, Whatsapp, TikTok, Reddit, Libby, YouTube. Those are some of the tools that help me do my job, stay in touch with friends, relax before bed, and work out. Then I watched a screener of The Social Dilemma, Netflix’s new documentary about the more hidden, extremely serious consequences of our social media use. It’s not that it made me feel guilty about my reliance on tech, more like, it made me sick to my stomach — and scared for the world.The documentary, which will be

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