Day: February 5, 2021

Applied Underwriters to Acquire UK Yacht Insurance MGA, Concept Special Risks

Applied Underwriters announced it will acquire Concept Special Risks, a UK-based international managing general agent, which provides coverage for a variety of nautical vessels and operators across the globe.

Based in Yorkshire, UK, and founded in 1999 by Tony Usher, Concept Special Risks is a licensed Lloyd’s coverholder. The company has a leading market position in the U.S. and Caribbean markets for motor yachts, trailer craft, sailboats and catamarans covering both private/pleasure and charter.

Concept Special Risks will continue to write business through retail agents in the U.S. and Caribbean. It has offices in the UK and in Florida.

The acquisiton of Concept Special Risks is another step for Applied Underwriters into the luxury market sphere, commented Steve Menzies, chairman of Omaha, Neb.-based Applied Underwriters.

“We are finding heightened demand among our growing customer base in the private clientele sector for thoroughly knowledgeable, truly experienced, and acutely specialized underwriting,” added

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Here’s My Top Growth Stock to Buy Right Now

Every investor wants a stock that can grow faster than the broad market, but this outperformance isn’t always easy to find. Let’s explore how Revolve Group (NYSE:RVLV) can use its innovative business model to disrupt the fashion industry to boost its revenue and earnings. 

A fashion retail disruptor 

Founded in 2003, Revolve Group boasts a unique take on fashion retail. The company curates and sells designer apparel, footwear, and accessories with the help of a proprietary algorithm to manage inventory and tap into fashion trends. But its marketing strategy — which relies on a network of about 4,500 Instagram influencers — is what sets it apart from competitors in the industry. 

Well dressed woman throwing cash

Image source: Getty Images.

Instead of traditional advertising such display ads, billboards, etc., Revolve pampers its social media influencers with free clothes and exclusive experiences to help them create engaging social media content. As just one example,

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The Best Company Name Is Under Where?


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Think naming your baby is difficult? Try naming your newborn company. Your child may live to be 100, but a company can last for centuries.


and Colgate were founded under those names in 1802 and 1806, respectively. The largest, most enduring American companies are a fascinating playground for onomasticians—people who study names. There are eight basic categories of company name:

Founders. Companies named for the man or woman behind the brand, or occasionally their offspring:


Mary Kay Cosmetics,

Ford Motor Co.

, Eli Lilly & Co., Wendy’s, the

Boeing Co.

, and thousands more.

Plain vanilla. These names simply state what the companies make or do. Radio Corp. of America (later RCA) boasted one of the hottest stocks of the Roaring ’20s. Other companies of this type are

General Motors,

United Parcel Service,

International Business Machines

(IBM) and the Quaker Oats

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