Month: February 2021

First trans woman of color in the U.S. to launch beauty brand has local ties

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – She could be defined as a “do-it-all” woman.

Jayla Roxx, a 26-year-old television personality and trailblazer in the LGBTQIA+ community, who once called Jacksonville home, spoke to News4Jax about becoming the first trans woman of color in the country to launch a beauty brand.

Roxx started BatMe! Cosmetics in 2017 after struggling to afford high-quality eyelashes. As a drag performer, Roxx would go through eyelashes weekly and decided to produce her own solution.

BatMe! Cosmetics not only sells eyelashes but has expanded to eyeshadow pallets, contour kits, lip gloss, merch and more. The products are all cruelty free and vegan.

Roxx told us that when she started her business, she had no idea what it would truly mean.

“I didn’t even know that I was stepping forward and becoming the first Black trans woman to create such a wonderful brand,” Roxx said. “I set myself up for

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How Carbon-Neutral Reformation Is Reforming The Notoriously Wasteful Fashion Industry

The fashion industry creates a lot of waste and harms the environment. In keeping up with new trends and fast-fashion consumer demands, fashion companies must constantly create new products for those consumers who will readily throw out older items in their wardrobe. Ethical fashion, however, is a growing movement responding to the increasing consumer and advocate pressures on businesses to center sustainability in their operations is leading some companies to find more environmentally friendly processes.

Reformation is a women’s clothing company that has been on the forefront of sustainable fashion. Since 2015, the company has been carbon neutral, and it has set the ambitious goal of going climate-positive by 2025. Kathleen Talbot, Chief Sustainability Officer and VP Operations at Reformation, says the company realizes, though, that the it’s actions alone will not be enough to turn the

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25 Black-Owned Skincare, Hair and Makeup Brands We Love

The Telegraph

Light at the end of the tunnel: Michael Portillo on Britain’s greatest rail wonders

While hundreds of largely empty trains run on Britain’s transport systems during the pandemic, our gorgeous heritage lines are shut by government order. The day they reopen – maybe alongside pubs and restaurants – will be an occasion for national celebration. Those antique railways offer so much that is good. They represent our history. They were restored by determined people offering up chunks of their precious time on earth so we could experience unforgettable moments of nostalgia, beauty and joy. Dr Beeching may be reviled by rail enthusiasts for closing lines in the 1960s, but he opened up enormous opportunities for railway resurrectionists. The Bluebell Railway claims to have been the first preserved standard-gauge railway, running between Lewes and East Grinstead, along the route of the old London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. For

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Mixfit V2 Review | PCMag

As someone who has maintained a plant-based diet for the past eight years, it’s important that I pay attention to whether I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need from what I eat, and using supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps. So when I heard about the $180 Mixfit V2, a Keurig-like smart kitchen appliance that blends up personalized nutrition drinks, I was intrigued. The Mixfit combines 23 essential nutrients in drinks that aim to help you fill in the gaps in your diet and meet your health goals. You use an app to specify your goals, log your daily food intake, and connect a compatible fitness tracker to monitor your activity levels. Based on this data, an algorithm identifies the nutrients your body is lacking, and creates a drink to give you what you need.

While I really like Mixfit’s goal to deliver personalized nutrition on a

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Actor, model and media personality (Includes interview)

On his future plans, he said, “Even though we live in challenging times now, I try to hold fast to my motivation and purpose. This year, I plan to bring my own ‘Sofia Fashion Week’ television series to the screen and continue the filming of the “Top International Model of the World” international model pageant. I am proud to note that I am also the local managing director of the show and will be selecting the Armenian models myself.”

“I am also one of the members of the show’s international jury. This summer, my artistic ambitions will take me to the USA for several long-term projects. I have been modeling for the famous Armenian company Sonati that produces luxury bedding and I am going to be participating in the opening of the brand’s two showrooms in Glendale and in New York where I will also be implementing other awaited projects,”

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What Makes a Murderer? – The Atlantic

Anissa Jordan was born in Oakland, California, in 1968, the last of eight children. For years, her mother’s live-in boyfriend beat and molested her and her half sister Althenia. The girls didn’t tell their mother. “It was our secret,” Jordan told me. When Jordan was in fourth grade, Althenia was murdered. The case was never solved.

Jordan was held back in school, started acting out, and was sent to juvenile hall. By 10th grade, she was spending most of her time “partying and having fun and smoking weed and drinking beer.” More stints in juvenile hall followed, then a string of arrests and convictions as an adult, nearly all of them theft-related. She had her first child, Amanda, at 21, followed by two more daughters and a son.

In 2005, Jordan was 36. She was on felony probation, unemployed, and addicted to drugs and alcohol. She had moved in with

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