Day: March 21, 2021

The Kimbino is the fashion researcher hosting tutorials on OnlyFans

25-year-old fashion researcher Kim Russell, more commonly known as @thekimbino on Instagram and Twitter, didn’t start her accounts with the intention of amassing a combined following of almost 70,000. But, thanks to a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice, combined with posts that share her in-depth digital investigations into fashion history, and Tweets that express candid opinions on contemporary fashion, she did – and that number just keeps on growing. Her Instagram account even caught the attention of Kim Kardashian, when she slid into the star’s DMs two years ago, and after much back and forth conversation, they eventually met up and are now collaborating on some top-secret special projects together. “We first met in Los Angeles on a work trip and she was really sweet,” says Kim. “She’s always been really kind to me and I never take our connection for granted. We love bonding over fashion and art

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BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, DEC. 25 — Nicolae Ceausescu, 71, and his wife, Elena, 72, reportedly executed today after a secret trial found them guilty of “grave crimes,” ruled Romania with an iron grip for 24 years and created a cult of personality unmatched in Eastern Europe since the days of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. They were found guilty of the deaths of thousands of protesters and of trying to spirit $1 billion in public funds out of the country, Bucharest Radio reported. They were captured Saturday while trying to flee abroad. Before Ceausescu was shouted down at a Bucharest rally he orchestrated Thursday — his last public appearance — his hold on power was so firm that he could carry out a foreign policy independent of the Soviet Union and the other East bloc countries. Just a month ago, he was overwhelmingly reaffirmed as supreme leader by an obedient Communist Party

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3 beauty stylists on how to create powerful fashion imagery

Still from Glam Squad.

“I don’t come from a background where I have friends or people that I know from the fashion industry, so you develop those relationships, and little by little you create those teams,” acclaimed London makeup artist Ammy Drammeh says in the latest episode of i-D’s FUTURE NOW film series. “That’s how my work becomes my work — by having these people by my side and creating these worlds.” In the episode, entitled Glam Squad, i-D follows the talent behind the scenes of iconic fashion shoots, discussing their work, experiences and friendships.

There’s a misconception about the creative industry. The belief that the only way to make it — as peddled by films like The Devil Wears Prada and endless beauty vlogger dramas — is to be out for oneself, stepping over others in an industry that favours the brutal and the cut-throat. In truth,

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