Day: March 25, 2021

As Fashion Tackles Its Diversity Issues, What Role Can Mentoring Play?

LONDON — Last year the fashion industry had to come face-to-face with the lack of diversity that exists, not only on its public-facing runways, but also in offices, design studios and on sets.

The issue moved to the forefront last spring following the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests. Almost a year later, keeping the issue top of mind and working behind-the-scenes to ensure long-term change remains as urgent as ever.

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The route toward such change is long and complex, but a number of practical solutions have come up among those committed to doing the work. Mentoring could be one of them, with more established industry professionals volunteering their time, networks and knowledge to help students or younger members of the industry who come from underrepresented groups.

Opportunities for those individuals are often not the same and in some cases, once they

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Innovative jewelry made for men

men jewelry
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Jewelry hasn’t changed much in recent history. We’ve seen the same mono-jeweled rings, stud earrings, and modest chains for decades, with little room forging a unique aesthetic of our own.

Thankfully, there are many great new  jewelry for men looks this year that strikes bold new trails for us, blending futuristic fashion with iconic statements from history. The trials of recent history forced many of us to reinvent ourselves, so why shouldn’t the arts we employ to express ourselves do the same?

Signet rings: Historical symbols of power

Throughout history, signet rings have been icons of power, wealth, and authority.

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5 Lessons Multibrand Showrooms Learnt During the Pandemic

MILAN The global pandemic that started spreading in Europe and the U.S. during the fall 2020 sales campaign last February and March deeply impacted the finely tuned machine of the fashion industry. Among the changes COVID-19 accelerated, the impossibility of traveling and the consequent digitalization of the buying process stand out as among the most disruptive and transformative. This is true for fashion houses, but also, and probably most dramatically, for multibrand showrooms that had to rethink their operations and strategies, embracing technology to reinvent the sales experience.

A year after the pandemic started shaking the world, WWD reached out to key Milan showrooms to learn what has changed so far and what lessons they learned.

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Brand Identity Is Key

“During the digital sales campaigns, it strongly emerged that the brands performing well are those with a strong identity and a precise image,” said Riccardo Grassi

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Here Is Why You Should Invest In A Foundation Stick

Foundation sticks have taken over the beauty market like anything. Though they are getting a lot of love from makeup lovers these days, so many of us are still in two minds and haven’t yet decided if we should invest in them.

Well, if you are one of those then this guide is for you. Foundations are available in a wide variety, right from creamy ones to mineral powder ones. It can get a little tricky to pick just one. With foundation sticks getting so much attention, are they worth an investment? Read on to know.

Foundation Stick Helps Build Coverage

When it comes to the makeup base, we all have our own preferences. While some of us want to have a medium to heavy foundation on our face, many like it light, minimal. The good thing about investing in a foundation stick is that the coverage can be built

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