Day: April 14, 2021

Meet the Phenoms of Fashion

The Glow Up 50The Glow Up 50Our annual celebration of the black tastemakers, trendsetters and innovators elevating the world of style.

The category is: Fashion. They are influencers, editors, creators and decision-makers—and they always do it in style. This year’s 10 TGU 50 Fashion honorees are designing a more equitable, colorful fashion industry for us all to see ourselves reflected in.

Tellingly, this year’s honorees include several long-overdue “firsts,” some of whom have been doing revelatory work behind the scenes for decades. Now at the forefront, they will undoubtedly change the face of fashion for generations to come.

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CaSandra Diggs

If you needed an example of what it looks like to secure a seat at the proverbial table, look no further than the new president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America CaSandra Diggs. Making history as the first Black woman

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From O.W. Gurley to its present-day legacy: Greenwood District land ownership has evolved in the last century | Race Massacre

Greenwood Businesses

Willie Sells cuts Haywood Bland’s hair while working at Tee’s Barber Shop on April 1.

When O.W. Gurley, an accomplished landowner and entrepreneur, moved his family from Perry in 1905 to what is now known as Tulsa’s Greenwood District, the possibilities for a true Black-centered, self-sustaining hub that enticed freedom from the shackles of Jim Crow laws and oppression had yet to be realized in America.

Gurley, who once worked under President Grover Cleveland, saw an opportunity in the northeast section of the city and purchased 40 acres.

The vision, an almost audacious one at the time considering the unforgiving circumstances societal Black Americans faced, was to create something constructed by Black people for Black people.

Placing that inspiration in motion, Gurley opened a boarding house in 1906 — the first business in the newly minted Greenwood — with the purpose of attracting African American train

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COVID Hand Sanitizer Firm Disputes Benzene Claims

A hand sanitizer maker accused recently of having high levels of a carcinogen in batches of its products is trying to gain the upper hand amid the health scare – even implying it might sue those publications who called out the company.

It all started late last month when a startup pharmacy called Valisure posted a petition that showed its labs found dangerous levels of benzene – which is linked to blood cancers – in more than a dozen brands of germ-killing gels. At the top of the list was a company called ArtNaturals, which had the highest levels, according to Valisure. Several news outlets including Bloomberg covered the report, and some universities, including Harvard and Yale, have since pulled products from their campuses or requested they not be used.

But ArtNaturals wrote to TheStreet this week, disputing the findings, after it posted an update on the study.

“Simply put,

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