Month: April 2021

Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Shopping Guide

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m committed to becoming more thoughtful about what and where I shop, taking into consideration which brands I support and the impact my purchases have on the environment. More than ever, I want to feel good about my shopping choices.

Although it’s not talked about as much, the reality is that the fashion industry remains one of the world’s top contributors to climate change. The good news? There’s never been more brands who are committed to lightening their carbon footprint and creating a circular fashion economy than there are today. Between the number of emerging labels using upcycled materials, larger brands making the switch to deadstock fabrics, and the rise in popularity of the made-to-order model, it seems as though zero-waste fashion is taking over the indsutry. And I’m so here for it.

So this Earth Day, I’m not

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Small Business Spotlight: Mizzi Cosmetics | News

PORTLAND, CT (WFSB) — This week, Channel 3’s Small Business Spotlight heads to Portland where one mom took an idea to help keep her kids safe, and turned it into a national cosmetics line.

Mizzi Cosmetics has grown significantly in the last seven years.

The clean beauty brand, born in Portland, was created after owner and founder, Brenda Mierzejewski saw a need with her own children for non-toxic products.

“My son had open heart surgery, and so during that time when we were there, they were putting petroleum-based products on his mouth, and at that time I was a breastfeeding mother. And I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to ingest the petroleum,” Mierzejewski said.

Her son’s surgery was 10 years ago, and she said when she asked if it was safe for him to be using the petroleum-based products, she didn’t get a clear answer.

“Long story

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Here’s how to create fake freckles using an eyebrow pencil

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Freckles no longer lead to playground taunting. In fact, they’re now the most in-demand beauty look of the summer. But if you don’t have natural freckles, don’t worry: There’s a hack to fake it.

On the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, In The Know video producer Lisa Azcona gives herself fake freckles using an eyebrow pencil. Spoiler alert: It totally works.

To do this beauty hack yourself, you’ll need an eyebrow pencil and a makeup blender. Lisa advises to pick an eyebrow pencil shade that will stand out against your skin tone. Lisa uses the pencil to make random dots on her cheeks and nose, mimicking the

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What Are The Benefits From Using a Sales Portal Software?

CPQ Configure Price Quote Quoting and Ordering System (Sales Portal) |  Guided Product Selection

In recent years, many small businesses have discovered the advantages of creating their own sales portals to compete with larger corporations. These portals are a great way for small businesses to manage their customer relationships, while also optimizing their marketing efforts. If you are a small business owner who is trying to determine what is a sales portal, then this article will help you get the necessary information to make an informed decision. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the benefits of sales web portals, and how they can improve your ability to save money on marketing expenses. After reading this article, you should be able to determine if investing in a Sales portal is right for your business.

Managing Your Sales Information

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Massachusetts quasi-state agencies clock sky-high pay

Quasi-state agencies — home to pay that tops $700,000 — are viewed as “shrouded in secrecy” with many still not sharing their payrolls with the comptroller’s office.

The Herald has just posted 16 of the quasi wages from the likes of Massport and the Convention Center Authority to pension and housing boards. But at least a dozen more remain in the dark.

“The Legislature should come down very hard and require some level of transparency,” said Greg Sullivan of the Pioneer Institute, a former state inspector general. “These agencies were created for a public purpose, but they consider themselves to be above the rest of the state.”

The top quasi-state is Massport, home to Logan International Airport and Boston’s massive port operation. Top pay there goes to the $403,581 director of aviation. But 644 earned $100,000 or more last year, payroll records show.

Massport has struggled, as have most airports,

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Whip up fresh smoothies for one with a personal blender on sale

Whip up fresh smoothies for one with a personal blender on sale

Whip up fresh smoothies for one with a personal blender on sale

TL;DR: Make personal smoothies, protein shakes, and more with the Homgeek Mini Blender, on sale for $26.95 — a 10% discount — as of April 18.

The cost of a blender might be keeping you from ordering one, but you don’t have to get a heavy-duty machine that takes up too much room in your kitchen to enjoy freshly blended drinks and smoothies. In fact, this one from Homgeek isn’t much bigger than a water bottle and will cost you less than $30.

The beauty of the Homgeek Mini Blender is that when you’re done blending, you can drink right out of the blender jar. It comes with two 600ml bottles as well as travel caps, so you can pack it up and take it with you on the go.

The blender bottles are made from BPA-free

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