5 critical skills you need for a job in the modern Indian textile industry

5 critical skills you need for a job in the modern Indian textile industry The…

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5 critical skills you need for a job in the modern Indian textile industry

The Indian textile industry has been playing a major role in the economic as well as the cultural growth of the country for many years. This growth has generated several million jobs in the previous years and is expected to generate millions more in the coming years as well.

But, there are some crucial skills that one needs to have before applying for a job in any sector, and the same goes for the textile industry as well. So, if you are also planning on getting a job in the same, then here are 5 critical skills that you must master.

1. Adapting to the fashion trends

Fashion industry trends keep on changing. So, one of the most crucial skills that one must have while looking for a career in the fashion industry is adapting to the continuously changing fashion trends.

Be aware of the market, and one of the best ways is to keep track of the popular blogs and magazines on a regular basis, as it will give you all the required knowledge of the current trends as well as the future ones.

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2. Fashion forecasting is a must

Fashion forecasting, a skill that requires one to be aware of the upcoming trends. Be, it the type/colour of the fabric, or the graphics that can attract user attention, there is no end to what fashion forecasting can include.

To enhance this skill you must acquire all the information regarding the past trends, which factors caused the fading of these trends and what factors are there that can affect the future trends.

3. Thrive to create something unique

Following the flow of the market is very important in the textile industry, but that doesn’t mean copying every single prospect of the available designs. If you want to create a long-lasting impression then you must create a uniqueness by adding your own elements in the market trendy designs.

You should have accuracy in developing new designs that people can easily connect and adapt to. Enhance your skill in such a way that you can give a unique touch to even the simplest of designs.

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4. Gain practical knowledge

To start in any field theoretical knowledge is necessary, but if you are planning on becoming a part of it and make a name then nothing can beat practical knowledge. Spend time in the market, as this will not only help you in finding out the trends but also user behaviour.

This will give you an insight into the consumer’s mindset and then you can easily plan out the development and marketing strategies that can easily rule over the market.

5. Focus on style and comfort

No matter how beautiful of the designs you develop, if it’s not comfortable then it will be rejected by the people straightaway. Clothing is a part of the day to day life and this is the reason that nobody wants to compromise on comfort.

So, it is very important that while creating a unique and beautiful design you focus highly on the comfort of the products as well. If you master this skill then you can easily lead customers for a long-term engagement, and your success will know no heights.

Mastering these skills will not only help you in grabbing your dream job in the Indian textile industry. Also, if you want to create a big name then never stop learning and polishing your skills, as the way to success is the way of knowledge.

– Article by Anuj Mundra, Chairman & Managing Director, Nandani Creation

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