888poker is offering a host of qualifiers for the Canadian Poker Tour’s Super Cruise in the Caribbean.

The first tournament is scheduled to set sail on this coming Sunday, February 20 at 20:05 CT. Found under the “Tournaments” Tab with the “Live Event” button, the CPT Cruise Qualifier will feature an entry fee of $180+$15. Registration has been open for a little while now, and many already have their seats reserved.

For those whose bankrolls can’t quite support that sort of expenditure, 888poker has another option. Throughout each day, they’ll be running a series of CPT Cruise Step 1 tournaments, featuring an entry fee of just $2+$0.20. For each $9 in the prize pool, the event organizer will provide another chance for the top finishers to advance up the ladder. Canadian gamers playing at a Bronze or higher level will also be allowed to enter a daily CPT Cruise togel Singapore at 17:35 CT, with three seats up for grabs.

Those who advance past the first round will be entered into the Step 2 event and, from there, up to Step 3. Players who have not qualified through the ladder system will be able to simply buy their way into these tournaments, with entry fees of $8.40+$0.60 and $39+$3, respectively.

The goal in all this is to obtain one of 888poker’s $5,000 CPT Super Cruise packages. The details break down as follows:

$1,000 for airfare

$2,300 for a luxury cabin

$1,200 Event buy-in

$500 in spending money!

The cruise itself takes place from April 3-10, 2011. Leaving from the Florida coast, the luxury trip will include “breathtaking scenery, sandy beaches and a No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament onboard the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.”

3D Slot Machine Comes to 888Games.com

888 Holdings, the company that operates 888poker and 888casino has announced that they are offering the world’s first 3D slot machine.

The game, which is called Magical Forest, is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot set in the forest. The reels feature things one would associate with a “Magical Forest”, including logs, mushrooms, berries, stars and emerald rings. Matching three mushrooms reveals their “secret powers”, while emerald rings increase the payout by 5x!

Obviously, the most exciting feature of the new slot is that players can view it in 3D. With the use of 3D glasses, the game will come to life right in front of excited players. For players without 3D glasses, the game can also be played in standard 2D.

While the game is currently exclusive to 888games.com, the game could be featured on 888 Holdings other domains, so others with 3D glasses will be able to experience the 3D slot.

Itai Pazner, Chief Operations Officer for 888, said in a statement about the release of the game, “There is absolutely no question that three-dimensional gaming is the next big innovation in online gaming. 888 has, once again, responded to players’ and the market’s needs by expanding the boundaries and opening the arena to the next generation in online gaming experiences with three-dimensional casino games.”