Actresses Who Rock Singledom and How

In 2019, the Harry Potter star and feminist, Emma Watson, coined a new term for…

In 2019, the Harry Potter star and feminist, Emma Watson, coined a new term for being single – self-partnered. Suffice to say, this is an accurate reflection of how women, who choose to stay independent of a relationship, feel. China celebrates Single’s Day on November 11 every year, a day when uncoupled people celebrate themselves with presents. Although the role of consumerism is fairly obvious in this holiday, providing people with yet another reason to spend, the holiday in some way balances the asymmetric weightage given to the celebration of companionship.

There’s even a behavioural study to suggest that women are much happier when they’re unmarried and childless. While this can be contentious when generalised, there is indubitable value in being comfortable in the skin of singledom. But society is yet far from letting women be at ease with their choices.

Celebrities tend to be hounded to greater degrees, given their place in the public eye. While mainstream media tends to be obsessed with their love lives, we thought we’d look the other way.

So, here’s a list of a few of our own women celebrating this status of being single and bidding farewell to the idea of single women crying into their coffee.

Katrina Kaif

The current queen of Bollywood has confessed to being single earlier this year. After two very public relationships with Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan, and several link ups with Vicky Kaushal, she is currently focussing on her line of cosmetics Kay Beauty by Katrina, fitness regime, and other projects at hand. One can’t help but notice how she glows, and how, on several occasions has quipped that love will happen when it does.

Asha Parekh

She shimmied to her heart’s content in all her films and was a flag-bearer of women-oriented roles in the 60s and 70s. Asha divulged in her autobiography that mentor and producer Nasir Hussain was the only man she ever loved. She chose not to indulge in what would be a complicated relationship with a married man and instead, led a dignified single life. In an interview last year, she reaffirmed this decision by saying, “I chose self-respect over society’s standard.”

Parveen Babi

The glam icon from 70s and 80s never married. Always in the spotlight for her string of relationships with many actors and producers including Mahesh Bhatt, Parveen Babi was a woman who was comfortable in her skin of singledom and casual relationships. This gained her somewhat of a reputation but she couldn’t be bothered in the least.


An incredible actress, Tabu has upped Bollywood’s standards by remarkable performances and is self admittedly content in her single life. She is 50 and intends to continue being known for her work, most recent of which is Netflix’s A Suitable Boy. Whenever quizzed about her personal life, she dismisses it as an “on old story”.


Sushmita Sen

Although the former Miss Universe is currently dating, Sushmita Sen, now 44 – and still stunning –is known for her bold step into single motherhood when she adopted two kids. A strong, independent mother, Sushmita has always kept marriage off her radar and has been defiant about being happy outside the institution. We love how she has stood by her decisions and life choices.

Sakshi Tanwar

The much loved bahu from daily soap Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Sakshi has been an active performer and has recently impressed with her acting prowess in Dangal. Sakshi adopted a nine-month-old baby girl, who she calls Dityaa, and is living it up as a single mother at 46.

Ekta Kapoor

A workaholic, this TV Czarina has crafted an empire and is seldom seen sticking to stereotypes. Ekta had her eggs stored at 36 and chose surrogacy last year; she is now a proud mama to Ravie. She confesses about being unconventional and has been quoted to be on the edge about the idea of marriage. Vacations, spa days, and her work take precedence over romance. We concur!

These women have brazenly put a ring on themselves and given the finger to the societal norms.

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(Edited by Varsha Roysam)

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