4 Compelling Reasons To Love Live먹튀검증 

  먹튀검증  popularity never ended on the tables of Las Vegas. This game has been making a loud buzz even in the online world. With online casinos at hand, it is easier for players to enjoy this particular game. This is most especially true with the introduction of live dealer casinos. Such innovation gave a […]

Kim Kardashian Makes Like Diana Ross

Breaking news from Kim Kardashian today: The singer has posted a new photo online… and she’s not wearing a bathing suit in it!Taking a break from adding to her ongoing bikini collection, Kardashian published on her blog a shot of herself making like iconic singer Diana Ross.It’s a behind-the-scene image from a shoot Kim did […]

THE HORSESHOE Online Casino Malaysia

I have always moaned bout players hitting their runner Online Casino Malaysia outer, and been quite critical of play that seems to rely on that sort of luck. I guess that is because, at least as far as I can remember, I have always been the one on the wrong end of those bad beats. […]

5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Dubai

The largest city in the UAE, Dubai is known for its lavish hotels, ultra-modern architecture and designer shopping. But there’s more to this Arab city than you might have initially realised. From its unusual laws to its male-to-female ratio, here are five fascinating facts about this plush desert destination that you might not have otherwise […]

List of Weblogs Known and Best Gambling Blog Collection

  On-line gaming games may previously turn out to be familiar to any or all of all of us. Domino adviser winning369 game web pages that proceed growing together with mushroom so it will be challenging to ascertain typically the amount. Not only gambling sites, even today websites the fact that review trusted online gambling […]

TV slot onlain and dwarves

While watching episode 3 of slot onlain main event coverage, I giggled a little when the camera hit Chris Moneymaker’s father and Norman mentioned how he gets angry when he reads what the blogs say about his son. Really? Why? We’re just a bunch of misanthropes. We hate everyone equally. No need to be offended. Then, as […]

Random Thoughts From the sbo Felt

  First, there are no actual prostitutes in the post below, but I think it’s fun anyway.   Secondly… Otis’ brother, Little Willie, shows us how to drop the HAMMER… All the money in the above hand went in pre-flop! I love the chat, “lol” Thirdly, I did some free-rolling at Pacific last night. The sbo site […]

The sanghoki cnatspell

  Pot Limit Turbo Holdem is traditionally a faster game. Although when there are over 60 rebuys, the game tends to get drawn out a little. The 25th Summer Champs Event saw 179 players register, and a substantial $732 cash prize for first place. Which deservedly went to sanghoki . Enjoy. As usual the final […]

The Awesome slot gacor of Idiots

slot gacor

  If you’ve never been to South Carolina, here’s a quick tip: Don’t be a democrat. I covered the slot gacor elections on Tuesday, live at the Democrat’s campaign headquarters, across the street from the Capitol. Unlike the elephants, who spread all over town, the democrats all meet under a single roof at the Clarion hotel. […]

The TripJax situs online Questions

  Since G-Rob neglected to take notes on last night’s home game and is not bringing you a recap of the carnage that ensued, I thought I’d take a shot at situs online question thread. What is the biggest mistake people make at a NL table? I’d tend to agree with those who have answered ‘playing […]