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The Best Company Name Is Under Where?


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Think naming your baby is difficult? Try naming your newborn company. Your child may live to be 100, but a company can last for centuries.


and Colgate were founded under those names in 1802 and 1806, respectively. The largest, most enduring American companies are a fascinating playground for onomasticians—people who study names. There are eight basic categories of company name:

Founders. Companies named for the man or woman behind the brand, or occasionally their offspring:


Mary Kay Cosmetics,

Ford Motor Co.

, Eli Lilly & Co., Wendy’s, the

Boeing Co.

, and thousands more.

Plain vanilla. These names simply state what the companies make or do. Radio Corp. of America (later RCA) boasted one of the hottest stocks of the Roaring ’20s. Other companies of this type are

General Motors,

United Parcel Service,

International Business Machines

(IBM) and the Quaker Oats

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Capital Metro reminding customers of stricter face mask enforcement

Bandanas and single-ply fabric face coverings no longer meet the federal requirements.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin public transit authority Capital Metro is reminding its travelers that face masks are not only necessary to help limit the spread of COVID-19, they’re required by law.

On Tuesday, CapMetro sent out a reminder that both customers and employees are required to wear face coverings and that the policy is being strengthened by new regulations from the Centers for Disease Control. The new order requires customers across the U.S. to wear face masks, and bandanas and other single-ply fabric coverings do not meet the federal requirement.

RELATED: President Biden signs burst of coronavirus orders, requires masks for travel

Face covering requirements have been enforced on all CapMetro services and at facilities since April 2020. Since then, operators have reminded who are customers not wearing coverings that they must do so while onboard. All

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Vogue China Founding Editor Angelica Cheung Joins Sequoia Capital


3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks With 8% Dividend Yield

Let’s talk portfolio defense. After last week’s social flash mob market manipulation, that’s a topic that should not be ignored. Now, this is not to say that the markets are collapsing. After 2% losses to close out last week’s Friday session, this week’s trading kicked off with a positive tone, as the S&P 500 rose 1.5% and the Nasdaq climbed 2.5%. The underlying bullish factors – a more stable political scene, steadily progressing COVID vaccination programs – are still in play, even if they are not quite as strong as investors had hoped. While increased volatility could stay with us for a while, it’s time to consider defensive stocks. And that will bring us to dividends. By providing a steady income stream, no matter what the market conditions, a reliable dividend stock provides a pad for your investment portfolio when the

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French Beauty Mogul Sylvie Chantecaille Found Inspiration for Her Latest Collection from Her Own Garden

Photo credit: Courtesy of Chantecaille
Photo credit: Courtesy of Chantecaille

From Veranda

Sylvie Chantecaille is a modern Renaissance woman. The art-collector-turned-cosmetics pioneer is known for balancing the latest science and technology with natural, holistic ingredients in her award-winning luxury cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance brand, Chantecaille, which has continued to set new standards for modern luxury in its 20 years.

The accidental beauty mogul grew up in a family of art collectors in Paris and spent her life preparing to follow suit, until destiny finally arrived once she moved to New York in the ’70s. Chantecaille began working with fellow ex-pat and friend Diane Von Furstenberg on a chic cosmetics line that caught the attention of the iconic Estée Lauder. Lauder quickly recognized Chantecaille’s talent and interest in the latest technology to improve upon cosmetics and helped the budding beauty maven launch her first line under the Estée Lauder name, which became one of the brand’s

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Makeup brush bacteria grows faster than you think, as seen in TikTok

Makeup brush bacteria grows faster than you think, and could be responsible for your breakouts.

TikTok users are disgusted to see the number of bacteria that grows on makeup sponges and brushes. If you haven’t washed your products in a while, take a second to go do it right now before you see what’s living on them.

TikToker Daniel Day is part of #MicrobiologyTikTok and his whole platform features videos of him exposing the germs found on common items. For this experiment, Day rubbed dirty makeup-covered brushes and sponges into Petri dishes and revealed the “wide range” of bacteria living on both applicators.

“There’s a wide range of bacterial species living on the brush,” he says in the video. “Species of bacteria on both Beauty Blenders are extremely similar.”

Day then used a cleaning spray on the brush and sponges to see what happens to the bacteria.

“It made things

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Opened, then idled, makeup a microbial risk

WASHINGTON — When one of Noëlle Sherber’s patients came to see her several months ago, the dermatologist noticed that the woman had an eye infection. It was a small sty and easily treatable, but Sherber still wanted to know what caused it.

Sherber learned that the patient, who had been at home since mid-March, had recently put on a full face of makeup using products that largely had sat untouched for months after she, like many others, scaled back her usual beauty regimen during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I asked, ‘How old is your mascara? Your eyeliner?’” said Sherber, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and co-founder of Sherber and Rad. The woman, Sherber noted, had not bought new cosmetics in a while and seemed to think that because she was not using her eye makeup often that it “extended the life span of the product.”

Even though many

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