Capital Metro reminding customers of stricter face mask enforcement

Bandanas and single-ply fabric face coverings no longer meet the federal requirements. AUSTIN, Texas —…

Bandanas and single-ply fabric face coverings no longer meet the federal requirements.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin public transit authority Capital Metro is reminding its travelers that face masks are not only necessary to help limit the spread of COVID-19, they’re required by law.

On Tuesday, CapMetro sent out a reminder that both customers and employees are required to wear face coverings and that the policy is being strengthened by new regulations from the Centers for Disease Control. The new order requires customers across the U.S. to wear face masks, and bandanas and other single-ply fabric coverings do not meet the federal requirement.

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Face covering requirements have been enforced on all CapMetro services and at facilities since April 2020. Since then, operators have reminded who are customers not wearing coverings that they must do so while onboard. All vehicles are also stocked with extra face masks, which do fit the new federal requirements.

“Wearing a face mask while on Capital Metro services does not replace the need to practice social distancing,” CapMetro said in a press release. “Vehicles are still cleaned daily with disinfectant, and an electrostatic product is used to ensure surfaces are sanitized.”

If a customer does not have a mask, CapMetro said the operator will offer them one. If the mask is refused, the operator will stop and ask them to put on a mask or exit the vehicle. If the mask is still refused, a supervisor will be called for assistance. A security officer could also be closed if they are closer than the supervisor, but police will only be called if the customer becomes disruptive.

For more information on CapMetro’s COVID-19 policies, click here.

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