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9 Best Beauty Boxes To Transform Your Beauty Routine

Discovering new makeup and skincare products is a little more challenging with less in-store shopping happening these days. You can’t necessarily test a product’s consistency, swatch a color, or fall in love with a brand’s flawless packaging in your hand. The best beauty boxes will basically do the shopping for you and deliver a curated selection of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and more to your door to try. Whether you’d like to customize your beauty box to your preferences, stick to only vegan and clean products, or you’re looking for trendy new makeup to experiment with, there is a beauty subscription box for you.

Below, we found nine of the best beauty boxes that offer everything from the latest premium products to personalized sets of items just for you.


This quarterly beauty and lifestyle box launched in 2013 and since then has built an impressive community of

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Makeup brush bacteria grows faster than you think, as seen in TikTok

Makeup brush bacteria grows faster than you think, and could be responsible for your breakouts.

TikTok users are disgusted to see the number of bacteria that grows on makeup sponges and brushes. If you haven’t washed your products in a while, take a second to go do it right now before you see what’s living on them.

TikToker Daniel Day is part of #MicrobiologyTikTok and his whole platform features videos of him exposing the germs found on common items. For this experiment, Day rubbed dirty makeup-covered brushes and sponges into Petri dishes and revealed the “wide range” of bacteria living on both applicators.

“There’s a wide range of bacterial species living on the brush,” he says in the video. “Species of bacteria on both Beauty Blenders are extremely similar.”

Day then used a cleaning spray on the brush and sponges to see what happens to the bacteria.

“It made things

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50 Easter Brunch Ideas That Are Quick, Easy and Festive

It’s Easter Sunday: This is not the time for soggy cereal and toast. If you’re celebrating the day with brunch (you know, in between the holiday crafts and copious amounts of candy), might we suggest one of these 50 Easter brunch ideas? They’re festive and spring-y—think kale quiche, feta tart and carrot cake doughnuts—while still being ridiculously easy to prepare, which means you’ll have plenty of time for an egg hunt.

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Regular old buttered toast just won’t cut it on a holiday, but add a schmear of ricotta and honey-soaked citrus and now we’re talking.

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We’ve found the perfect use for those sad, sagging bananas you’ve been “saving” on your counter for weeks.

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Want to shake things up? Swap the veggies for whatever you have. Just don’t skip the bacon.

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This feels like

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Bobbi Brown Shares Her All-Time Best Beauty and Wellness Secrets

Courtesy Bobbi Brown

With four decades of experience in the beauty business, Bobbi Brown knows all of the best tricks of the trade. And since becoming a certified health coach in 2018 and launching her own supplement brand, Evolution_18, the pro has quickly become a guru in the wellness space too. So when we caught up with Bobbi, 63, to discuss what it was really like stepping away from her namesake brand and launching a new makeup line, Jones Road, last October, we couldn’t help but ask for all her secrets.

“During my freelance makeup career, I worked with every supermodel and every actress. I would try to understand why they look so good. Yes, it was makeup, but I also realized that it was also people that took care of themselves who looked really good,” Bobbi says.

Read on for the renowned expert’s must-know tips, from how

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10 best vegan make-up brushes that deliver a flawless finish

<p>The bristles of non-vegan brushes are typically made from weasel, squirrel, mink, badger or pony hair, but we’ve found the top alternatives</p> (The Independent)

The bristles of non-vegan brushes are typically made from weasel, squirrel, mink, badger or pony hair, but we’ve found the top alternatives

(The Independent)

Make-up brushes play an important role in getting the most from your products – the difference between flawless application and a patchy, unblended mess lies with the tools you use.

If you’re keen to ensure your kit is vegan, there’s plenty of brands now catering to consumers seeking to cut out all animal-derived products from their routines.

The bristles of non-vegan brushes are typically made from weasel, squirrel, mink, badger or pony hair, whereas alternative options are created with synthetic material, most commonly taklon, derived from polyester or nylon.

A reliable vegan, cruelty-free option should be equally as good at applying products – whether cream, liquid, gel or powder textures – making the switch a piece of cake.

We’ve put a bunch to the test to

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TikToker shares trick on how to see if your partner is cheating

A TikToker has sparked a debate among users after sharing a seemingly lighthearted but questionable hack on how to find out if one’s boyfriend is cheating.

On Dec. 29, 2020, Andrea Lopez shared the trick, which involves simply using a lint roller, in a clip that has since received over 3 million likes.

“Ladies, if you want to find out if your man is cheating on you, get yourself one of these and roll it all over the carpet,” she says.


He has some explaining to do😡(Following the next 100 people on IG: Andrea.Lopez44) ##fyp ##viral ##prank ##cheater ##couple ##funny

♬ original sound – Andrea Lopez 😋

Lopez proceeds to use the lint roller on her carpet several times before picking up strands of red hair.

“What the f***?” she says, before a text-to-speech voice says, “My hair is black.”

While the TikTok has generated some humorous comments from

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