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Benefit Cosmetics ‘refuses treatments for NHS workers who work with Covid patients’

A cosmetics company is refusing to give beauty treatments to NHS workers who treat coronavirus patients, it has been claimed.

Benefit Cosmetics offers eyebrow and eyelash treatments in their standalone stores and in chains such as Boots, John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Beauty salons, hairdressers and nail bars were allowed to reopen on Monday as part of an easing of lockdown restrictions, which also included non-essential shops and pub beer gardens.

However for one NHS worker her hopes of having her eyebrows waxed were dashed when she admitted she works with Covid patients.

She tweeted on Tuesday: “I’m a health care assistant for my local hospital. On Monday I had a brow appointment at my local Benefit store in Reigate and with an itchy face was so looking forward to it. When I got there they asked me screening questions so I was honest and said that I worked

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COVID Hand Sanitizer Firm Disputes Benzene Claims

A hand sanitizer maker accused recently of having high levels of a carcinogen in batches of its products is trying to gain the upper hand amid the health scare – even implying it might sue those publications who called out the company.

It all started late last month when a startup pharmacy called Valisure posted a petition that showed its labs found dangerous levels of benzene – which is linked to blood cancers – in more than a dozen brands of germ-killing gels. At the top of the list was a company called ArtNaturals, which had the highest levels, according to Valisure. Several news outlets including Bloomberg covered the report, and some universities, including Harvard and Yale, have since pulled products from their campuses or requested they not be used.

But ArtNaturals wrote to TheStreet this week, disputing the findings, after it posted an update on the study.

“Simply put,

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Woman leaves secret note about cheating boyfriend in bathroom

A woman on TikTok suspected her date may be a cheating boyfriend after she snooped around his bathroom.

The video was uploaded by user Molly Sharpe, who has since made her account private. In the clip, Sharpe explained that she came home with a guy she met at a bar — all while under the impression that he was single. After a few casual meet-ups, Sharpe decided to snoop around his bathroom.

“His roommate is single, and I thought he was, too,” Sharpe posted on TikTok, according to the Daily Dot, “But if this is your man, he’s cheating.”

Sharpe films the guy’s bathroom and zooms in on a pile of hair ties, makeup remover wipes and a full cosmetics bag of makeup brushes. Sharpe added that if the guy she was seeing did have a serious girlfriend, then she didn’t want that woman to find out

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Body Cosmetics of Beverly Hills introduces gluteal enhancement | News

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Body Cosmetics of Beverly Hills, a leading provider of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical treatments, is proud to be one of a small number of practices in Southern California offering gluteal enhancement using silicone buttock implants. For a woman or man considering enhancing the contour of the buttock, silicone buttock implants can present distinct advantages over Brazilian butt-lift (BBL).

“As a primary treatment, silicone implants are an excellent option for the person who is looking to enhance the shape of their buttocks,” says board-certified surgeon Joseph Yadegar, MD, FRCS, FACS, of Body Cosmetics. “This is very similar to a breast implant, and can be placed safely deep within the tissues of the buttock.”

For some patients, buttock implants may be the only option. The traditional BBL is for people who have enough fat for transfer to the buttocks, but for

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‘Fighting for Space’: Author Amy Shira Teitel talks the history of women in spaceflight

You may have heard of the “Mercury 13,” but what really happened with the women who wanted to be the first female astronauts? 

In her new book, “Fighting for Space: Two Pilots and Their Historic Battle for Female Spaceflight” (Grand Central Publishing, 2021), author and spaceflight historian Amy Shira Teitel delivers a dual biography that peels back decades of history to reveal the true stories of Jerrie Cobb and Jacqueline “Jackie” Cochran, two women who fought to become America’s first female astronauts. 

Cochran was a record-setting pilot who was the first woman to break the sound barrier who was close friends with Amelia Earhart and even ran her own cosmetics company; Cobb, meanwhile, was 25 years younger, also setting records as a pilot and taking astronaut medical tests. 

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Michelle Zauner on Choosing to Forgive Her Estranged Father for Starting a New Life

michelle zauner

@Jennameto is an observer. While her peers spend their days curating content, perfecting angles, sharing #MorningThoughts and #GoodVibesOnly, @Jennameto likes to keep her life private, her followers to a minimum. In fact, she follows only one account, keeps but one digital window of interest across the world.

@Jennameto is my Instagram burner account. I created her about a year ago after my father got engaged to an Indonesian woman who, at 24, is seven years younger than me. Because I did not wish to possess any further insight into their relationship, my father and I stopped speaking. Subsequently, @jennameto was born because his fiancée’s account was set to private, and apparently I did, in fact, wish to have further insight into their relationship. When my mother died of cancer in 2014, my father was quick to reinvent himself. Within a year, he moved to Thailand, became obsessed with scuba diving

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