Random Thoughts From the sbo Felt

  First, there are no actual prostitutes in the post below, but I think it’s fun anyway.   Secondly… Otis’ brother, Little Willie, shows us how to drop the HAMMER… All the money in the above hand went in pre-flop! I love the chat, “lol” Thirdly, I did some free-rolling at Pacific last night. The sbo site […]

The sanghoki cnatspell

  Pot Limit Turbo Holdem is traditionally a faster game. Although when there are over 60 rebuys, the game tends to get drawn out a little. The 25th Summer Champs Event saw 179 players register, and a substantial $732 cash prize for first place. Which deservedly went to sanghoki . Enjoy. As usual the final […]

The Awesome slot gacor of Idiots

slot gacor

  If you’ve never been to South Carolina, here’s a quick tip: Don’t be a democrat. I covered the slot gacor elections on Tuesday, live at the Democrat’s campaign headquarters, across the street from the Capitol. Unlike the elephants, who spread all over town, the democrats all meet under a single roof at the Clarion hotel. […]

The TripJax situs online Questions

  Since G-Rob neglected to take notes on last night’s home game and is not bringing you a recap of the carnage that ensued, I thought I’d take a shot at situs online question thread. What is the biggest mistake people make at a NL table? I’d tend to agree with those who have answered ‘playing […]

Marsha Wolak Wins bandar slot pulsa 2011 Ladies Event

  The bandar slot pulsa Ladies Event used to be little more than a curiosity. A place for women to compete against each other, instead of wallowing through the usual sea of Y chromosomes. It had definite positive qualities. Encouraging those females to play in the WSOP who might otherwise have steered clear of the series, […]


PokerStars’ brand new tournament series, the Spring Championship of Online Poker, continued this afternoon with their second Hold’em event.  Event 4 was a No-Limit Hold’em 2x Second Chance Turbo Event, which kicked off at 4:30 Eastern time.  The second chance format allows for one full-stack re-buy up until the first break, but you may only […]

Double Jackpot at BINGOGALA™

Slot Gacor Hari Ini

BINGOGALA™ has announced that their progressive jackpot has more than doubled in value in the last 24 hours. The jackpot currently stands at $5, 654.44 and is increasing rapidly.   One of the most established online bingo sites available on the net, www.bingogala.com, offers a wide selection of bingo games, reel slots, pull tabs, and […]

888poker Hosts Caribbean Cruise Qualifiers

888poker is offering a host of qualifiers for the Canadian Poker Tour’s Super Cruise in the Caribbean. The first tournament is scheduled to set sail on this coming Sunday, February 20 at 20:05 CT. Found under the “Tournaments” Tab with the “Live Event” button, the CPT Cruise Qualifier will feature an entry fee of $180+$15. […]

Ladbrokes-Leaderboards Update – June 7th

  For most of May, the Ladbrokes Leaderboards challenge was pretty much a runaway contest.  SOXxxxxx took the early lead and never let up the whole month and was ahead by over 600 points at one point. But wildrick certainly didn’t want to concede the month to SOXxxxxx and made a big move at the […]

New Hampshire May Get Online Gambling

I’ll probably never understand politicians. The American state of New Hampshire, like all of the states in the Union, is hurting for cash, though some are worse off than others. New Hampshire right now is facing a growing budget deficit. Staring at all that red ink, the state lawmakers have proposed various ideas for increasing […]