Double Jackpot at BINGOGALA™

Slot Gacor Hari Ini

BINGOGALA™ has announced that their progressive jackpot has more than doubled in value in the last 24 hours. The jackpot currently stands at $5, 654.44 and is increasing rapidly.   One of the most established online bingo sites available on the net,, offers a wide selection of bingo games, reel slots, pull tabs, and […]

888poker Hosts Caribbean Cruise Qualifiers

888poker is offering a host of qualifiers for the Canadian Poker Tour’s Super Cruise in the Caribbean. The first tournament is scheduled to set sail on this coming Sunday, February 20 at 20:05 CT. Found under the “Tournaments” Tab with the “Live Event” button, the CPT Cruise Qualifier will feature an entry fee of $180+$15. […]

Ladbrokes-Leaderboards Update – June 7th

  For most of May, the Ladbrokes Leaderboards challenge was pretty much a runaway contest.  SOXxxxxx took the early lead and never let up the whole month and was ahead by over 600 points at one point. But wildrick certainly didn’t want to concede the month to SOXxxxxx and made a big move at the […]

New Hampshire May Get Online Gambling

I’ll probably never understand politicians. The American state of New Hampshire, like all of the states in the Union, is hurting for cash, though some are worse off than others. New Hampshire right now is facing a growing budget deficit. Staring at all that red ink, the state lawmakers have proposed various ideas for increasing […]

Playing blackjack with soft hands

Soft hands are great when it comes to women and blackjack. Aside from a pair of aces, which actually is also a soft hand, there is nothing I’d rather have in blackjack than a soft hand. Well, that’s not true, either. I’d rather have a blackjack or a 20. Still, soft hands are powerful hands […]

Real Time Gaming wild casino ag Software Review

wild casino ag

Disclaimer: Let it be known that I have served as a consultant to Real Time Gaming. While this review was originally written before they engaged my services I do update it from time to time. This review attempts to be unbiased and mostly sticks to the game rules, odds, and strategy. While I feel comfortable […]

The GG Joker


Welcome to the GG Joker’s page. The GG Joker is solid gold and every time he plays around with you you will win a Bonus Deposit of $10, $15, $20 or $25 with one of the trusted casinos who sponsor GoneGambling! To be eligible to claim your Joker Bonus you must have deposited and played […]

Blackjack Action – Chapter 11

Slot Online

Lisa sat in the rear of the bank parking lot with the engine running on their rented Pontiac Bonneville. Her heart was pounding as she scanned the surrounding scene for any sign of suspicious characters. Steve was taking too long in the bank she thought. She checked her watch and realized he had only been […]

Ladders go both up and down in Judi Online

Judi Online

I feel I am decent player at video poker. I also feel I am ready to move up the ladder to the poker room. Are there enough similarities between the two to make me a successful player? Clarence M. Before you thrust your hand into that beehive, I got to tell ya, Clarence, you might […]

And you thought that  먹튀검증사이트 blackjack was simple


Dear Mark, How often does a casino change their decks in blackjack? I sat at a table for about four hours and watched them change the deck every hour. Does this sound right to you? Bobby G. Missing from your inquiry was the number of decks on the game, making a precise answer impossible. Besides, […]