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Ghislaine Maxwell has bail bid rejected for third time

NEW YORK — For a third time, a judge rejected a bail package Monday aimed at freeing Ghislaine Maxwell as the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein awaits trial on charges that she recruited teenage girls for him to sexually abuse.

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan in Manhattan said in a written decision that nothing had changed since her previous two rulings in the matter.

Lawyers for the 59-year-old Maxwell, whose trial is set for July, argued that defense motions to dismiss the charges against her and an offer to renounce her U.K. and France citizenships were significant enough to assure the court she would show up for trial.

They also said she would have a retired federal judge provide oversight authority over her financial affairs. A Maxwell lawyer did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

“The Court’s assessment of the Defendant’s history and characteristics has not changed,” the judge

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BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, DEC. 25 — Nicolae Ceausescu, 71, and his wife, Elena, 72, reportedly executed today after a secret trial found them guilty of “grave crimes,” ruled Romania with an iron grip for 24 years and created a cult of personality unmatched in Eastern Europe since the days of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. They were found guilty of the deaths of thousands of protesters and of trying to spirit $1 billion in public funds out of the country, Bucharest Radio reported. They were captured Saturday while trying to flee abroad. Before Ceausescu was shouted down at a Bucharest rally he orchestrated Thursday — his last public appearance — his hold on power was so firm that he could carry out a foreign policy independent of the Soviet Union and the other East bloc countries. Just a month ago, he was overwhelmingly reaffirmed as supreme leader by an obedient Communist Party

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Writing a Novel? Don’t Be Afraid to Get Muddy

POISON PEN(NER) Fans of historical fiction are familiar with the vehicles authors use to transport a story from the present to the past: A bundle of letters tied with ribbon, hidden in a steamer trunk; black-and-white pictures, tucked into a grandmother’s jewelry box, or better yet, her diary; a newspaper or map stashed in the rafters.

Sarah Penner went with a grittier approach in her debut novel, “The Lost Apothecary,” which is No. 11 on the hardcover fiction list. In present-day London, an aspiring historian joins a mudlarking expedition on the banks of the Thames; there, she discovers a small blue vial that leads her to a 200-year-old mystery involving a poison-dispensing apothecary and a 12-year-old girl who makes a deadly mistake.

You may be wondering, what in the world is mudlarking? “It’s like beachcombing, but you’re looking for historical artifacts instead of sea glass or gold,” Penner explained

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What are the different types of renters insurance?

Renters insurance protects individuals against common losses and liabilities they face when renting a home or apartment. A standard policy offers three types of renters insurance coverage, each for different situations.

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Find the Best Renters Insurance

Save money on renters insurance with our simple comparison tool.


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We’re keeping track of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting renters insurance.

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Although renters insurance is not legally required, it’s beneficial for anyone who rents. Having a renters insurance policy covers your legal

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New plan for Kennedy Plaza: Fewer buses, more people

In the latest reimagining of Providence’s central square, you get from Kennedy Plaza to Waterplace Park by bridge instead of tunnel.

You ice skate on a “riverine,” s-shaped water feature in the plaza instead of the current BankNewport City Center rink.

And when WaterFire returns, you’ll gaze up at a giant ring suspended over the basin that sprays mist down upon spectators.

All of these things are part of a $140-million plan unveiled by Mayor Jorge Elorza and city planners Wednesday that takes another stab at making Kennedy Plaza and the downtown riverwalk more attractive and welcoming.

“We know that the Kennedy Plaza space has been the center of our city geographically, but it has never fully been the center of our city culturally,” Elorza told reporters at a Wednesday briefing. “In our mind’s eye, we have never had that city center in Providence that the other cities that we

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The 10 Best Dressed at the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards

Historically, the Critics’ Choice Awards have been a transient stop along the awards season route, a moment when attendees can try out something a bit riskier, sartorially speaking. Maybe the star is looking to try out more adventurous looks but doesn’t want to make that leap at a more high-stakes event, such as the Goldens Globes or — god forbid — the Oscars.

But with that audacity comes eventual missteps, and this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards were full of them. The act of risk taking — however admirable in fashion — does not necessarily guarantee success.

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Those words rang especially true with the male attendees. Lately, men’s fashion on the red carpet has been even more exciting than the women’s looks. With details such as high heels or men’s jewelry — and with the help of trailblazers like Billy Porter — men’s fashion has been turned

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