How to Glue a Ravensburger puzzles

    The first step in mounting a puzzle involves gluing the puzzle. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your puzzle is to put a piece of thin plastic, baking paper sheet, or another sturdy material under the jigsaw puzzle to prevent the puzzle from adhering itself to the surface on […]

Mobile Facebook gets update with added functionality

Even though there is a Facebook application coming to the Pre and webOS Facebook has gone ahead and completely revamped the mobile web version of their site. Until now Facebook on the Pre has been a pretty unbearable experience (for me at least). Some of the new changes include the ability to “Like” and “Unlike” […]

O2 Pre poses for Mr. Blurry cam

Finally we get to see the packaging for the O2 version of the Palm Pre. Nothing new here just the same old box we saw with the Sprint version, just some blue coloring where the yellow is on ours. The box contents are about the same with the only difference being the European adapter for the […]

German Pre hints at future tethering

We find out a lot of interesting facts through leaked info created by human error. The German Pre has a little Easter egg found in the help section. This leak so to speak gives you instructions on how to use Bluetooth tethering though the support is not even there: Use Phone as Modem If you use your […]