GSM Palm Pixi prototype surfaces

Here it is the palm Pixi pictured as a GSM version apparently in Vietnam. This version is a bit more stripped down than the CDMA version that the US is getting which is not good news at all. For one the GSM Pixi has only 4GB of internal storage whereas the US version has 8GB. […]

Curious new Palm Ring-P listed

We have been very anxious to see just what Palm has up their sleeve because the Pixi isn’t exactly something that really excites anybody, if anything it’s a bit of a step back from the Pre. We now have found something listed by Palm called the Palm Ring-P. Listed by a Senior Compliance Engineer for Palm […]

Palm Pixi hits Sprint inventory

As the release date for the new Palm Pixi grows closer we get more anxious to find out any solid info on the release. Sprint is now showing the Palm Pixi in their inventory system which means the Pixi is not far off. The inventory sheets shots show a number of accessories ready to launch […]