Classic 2.0 gets 10 day trial, again

If you’re an old Palm OS fan that has a few apps that you cannot live without and are still not sure about purchasing Classic, MotionApps has just announced their 10 day free trial for Classic 2.0 with all the added features and functionality. Classic 2.0 adds full HotSync and Bluetooth support on top of all the […]

Google adapts AdSense for high-end mobile browsing

Google just released a nice new little feature that allows their AdSense service to take advantage of the higher end mobile browsing experience. Now publishers can run larger AdSense ads on their sites that are visible on the Palm Pre and other high-end mobile phones. Advertisers are seeing the popularity of full HTML browsing on mobile phones […]

Telefonica brings the Pre to Spain on October 14th

Today Telefonica has come through for everyone in Spain and finally announced the availability of the Palm Pre. Starting on October 24th you will be able to finally get your hands on the Pre on their HSDPA network. Now to the details you have all been waiting for. Depending on the mobile service plan you decide on […]

Palm Pre For Dummies now available through Amazon

There is no doubt that the For Dummies series of self-help books is a very popular series, you can find direction and understanding in just about everything. Turns out the Palm Pre For Dummies book just released for those who are still having a bit of trouble following. Chris Ziegler of Engadget Mobile has even […]

Palm may allow more space to store apps?

As the App Catalog fills up more and more of us come upon the sorry, not enough memory error that none of us should even be close to given the 8GB of internal memory. When the T-Mobile G1 came out they had the same issue soon after launch, well it appears Palm may be addressing the […]