We have been very anxious to see just what Palm has up their sleeve because the Pixi isn’t exactly something that really excites anybody, if anything it’s a bit of a step back from the Pre. We now have found something listed by Palm called the Palm Ring-P.

Listed by a Senior Compliance Engineer for Palm this interesting device was spotted on the Bluetooth SIG site. From the listing we see that it’s a phone because of the product description “Phone with Bluetooth v2.1+EDR.” We won’t be seeing this phone for a few months because it will apparently be listed in January 2010.

We are hoping for a new device coming from Palm but it’s more likely that this will either be the Pixi or the Pre. The timing basically lines up for the update Pre released rumored for Verizon in February of 2010. Anyone want to make any bets as to what this Palm Ring-P is?