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Introducing the first annual PokerTurn Challenge sponsored by Poker Plex


Poker Plex – Online Poker RoomPopular online poker  Slot Gacor Hari Ini operator, Poker Plex, has announced it is to sponsor the 1st Annual PokerTurn Challenge.


The exclusive five day tournament, running from August 17th to 21st 2005 at the Casino Del Sol, Arizona, will bring together over 500 players vying for an estimated prize pool of $400,000. Buy in is just $500 in this heavily overlaid Texas Hold’em competition, which looks set to become an event that all would do well to mark into their poker diary. By combining the lure of a live tournament with the might of online poker in title sponsor, Poker Plex, the event offers an un-missable opportunity for both disciplines, which can only see the sport grow.


“Poker has experienced a huge surge in popularity in the last few years, and tournaments are a vital part in facilitating this growth,” said Michael Chambers, Manager of Poker Plex. “We are honoured to be the exclusive sponsors of this inaugural event, and are keen to see the tournament develop further.”


About the sponsor:

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WSOP – June 5th, by Peter CostaA year is a long time to wait for anything, but when it comes to the WSOP – it can be torture. When you also consider that I missed much of last year through health issues, you can imagine my relief that the wait is finally over.


If you have been following my past articles, you may recall that I mentioned Allen Cunningham and how I have a high regard for his game. I also touched a little on how Allen has been on the end of some bad luck in recent major events. Well, it finally changed for him in event #2 , the $1,500 NL Hold‘em.


With 2,305 players taking part, some luck would be needed for sure. However, in Allen’s case – the luck involved some curious play when Allen was all-in, in a 4-way pot. With blinds at 300-600, Allen made a final stand with his short-stack. The flop of A-4-4, was of no help and the exit was looming. A-J, checks, as does T-T. The fourth player in the hand, decides to push all-in for about 40,000. It’s important to note here the pot size is less than 6,000.


The A-J ponders, but rightly, finds it difficult to call all-in. The T-T, has no problem in mucking. This all-in move sure worked a treat. However, there is just one small problem here! He was betting into a dead pot with no hand (6-8), and no draw. Imagine Allen‘s delight when he finds that he has the best hand! Well, no six and no eight came. The move got what it deserved. But the story does not end there…..


It’s anyone’s guess what would have happened to the A-J if the players had seen the turn card. At the very least, it would have cost him a fair portion of his stack. The T-T was obviously fuming, but what can you do? At least the 8-6 split the pot – right? Well, with a board of A-4-4-T-T, you would think so. But for some reason (I don’t know how) the whole pot was pushed to Allen and a new hand was dealt. Not sure what happened here – but I for one, could not begrudge Allen this piece of luck.


To complete the story, Allen went on to win the event and a sweet first prize of over $700K.


As myself, I had a good shot at it. I started well and saw off at least 1600 of the field. However, I missed a couple of big draws as well as a couple of opportunities to gamble, with what turned out to be the winning hands in big pots. I need to learn to gamble sometimes. But as Mel Judah later suggested to me – it‘s just not me.


As it turns out, I did gamble (well, it was just a little one) in the PL Hold’em event on the next day. Serves me right for going against my principles. I must now wait the Limit Hold’em that starts on Sunday. As I must fly back to the UK for a couple of days, this will be my last event until the following Saturday.