e.l.f. Cosmetics & Chipotle launch spicy new collection, bowl

If your only reason to put on makeup and leave the house is to go…

If your only reason to put on makeup and leave the house is to go get food, this collaboration is for you.

e.l.f. Cosmetics has teamed up with Chipotle for a product launch of both makeup and a new burrito bowl that will make your eyes, lips, face and tastebuds happy.

On the cosmetics side, the launch includes a four-piece exclusive set that is as customizable as the Chipotle counter, with an eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, beauty blender and cosmetic bag. To satisfy your actual hunger, the team at Chipotle will debut their limited-time Eyes. Chips. Face. Bowl, which is a vegan bowl with some spice, complete with a side of chips.

The makeup line is available for pre-order now, and will be officially on sale on March 10 — or March 9 for e.l.f. beauty squad loyalty members. The Chipotle bowl will also be uploaded to the Chipotle app on March 10 in the featured section through March 17. As an added perk, anyone who buys the Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette from the collection will receive a coupon for free chips and guac to use before April 15.

A display of Chipotle themed makeup from e.l.f. including an eyeshadow palette, lipstick and avocado shaped blender
el.f. Cosmetics

“There is nothing tastier or prettier than the combination of burritos and makeup,” said Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer at e.l.f. Beauty. “We have long admired Chipotle and we are thrilled to come together to do things that neither one of us have done before. We share the same renegade spirit and are both committed to bringing the best ingredients to our consumers at extraordinary prices.”

While this collab may seem like a stretch, it’s actually pretty complementary. The 12-shade eyeshadow palette is color-coded to match the line-up behind the counter at Chipotle, and even named after each ingredient with shades called Lettuce, Guac, Corn Salsa, White Rice and Fajitas to name a few burrito-staples. Also in alignment are both companies missions to be healthy and fresh, no matter what. The new bowl at Chipotle will be completely vegan, matching the vegan makeup company that is always cruelty-free as well.

An e.l.f. eyeshadow palette inspired by Chipotle with colors smeared under the open palette
e.l.f. Cosmetics

“Following our first launch with e.l.f., which sold out in less than four minutes last spring, we’ve taken our collab to the next level with beauty products celebrating our real ingredients in totally unexpected ways,” said Tressie Lieberman, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Off-Premise at Chipotle.

What won’t be unexpected is how fast this limited-edition set will stay in stock. Pre-orders begin on March 4 to save your spot, but on March 10 when the collection goes live, there’s no telling how long the ingredient’s shelf lives will be.

An eyeshadow pallet inspired by Chipotle
e.l.f. Cosmetics

A black bean burrito bowl with extra corn and lettuce? No problem. An eyeshadow look to match? Also not an issue anymore.

The Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette is the star of the collection, mimicking the actual counter at Chipotle from the colors to the names to even the order they are in. The mouth-watering colors are easy to mix and match, just like your Chipotle order, and are all highly pigmented for a true color every time.

“The fresh spread of matte, shimmer, and metallic shades are inspired by your favorite Chipotle ingredients— so you can build a look that’s mild, medium or hot,” reads the product description.

A red tube of lipgloss with the e.l.f. and Chipotle logo on it
e.l.f. Cosmetics

This one is for the spice-lovers, both in your burrito and in how you serve your makeup looks.

Make It Hot is actually a lip-plumping gloss as well as a red-tinted shade, doing double duty for your lips. Inspired by the hot salsa at Chipotle, the gloss comes loaded with vitamin E and coconut oil to soothe and nourish lips, perfect to apply after finishing the new spicy bowl.

A e.l.f. and Chipotle branded box of a green avocado shaped beauty blender
e.l.f. Cosmetics

Listen, it’s okay to be extra, especially when it comes to your makeup looks.

Inspired by arguably the best ingredient at Chipotle, the Extra Guac Face Sponge Set is modeled after the beloved avocado. The two-piece blender set includes a larger green sponge for full-face coverage, while the smaller pointed pit is perfect for hard-to-reach areas around the eyes and nose.

“It’s the e.l.f. x Chipotle collection you didn’t know you were craving. Customize your makeup looks the same way you customize your go-to Chipotle order. Guac is extra—and so are you,” reads the product page.

A makeup bag that looks like a Chipotle brown bag
e.l.f. Cosmetics

Get your makeup to go, with this Chipotle makeup bag to hold everything from the collection, plus some room for extra.

The Eyes. Chips. Face bag is modeled after the chip bag we all know and love behind the counter at Chipotle, down to the font and color. The only thing that’s missing are the chips, but remember that anyone who orders the eyeshadow palette gets a free coupon for chips and guac, so it’s a win-win.

The bag is designed to fit the entire collection, and also includes a zipper closure to make sure nothing spills out when rushing out to pick up your order after finishing your face.