Forty-year-old woman slaps teenager at Indian marketplace for calling her ‘aunty’ (VIDEO)

PETALING JAYA, Nov 13 — A 40-year-old woman became violent after a teenager addressed her as “aunty” at a marketplace in the city of Etah in India.

The Times of India reported that the 19-year-old victim had said, “Excuse me, aunty” to the woman as she made her way through a crowded path at the Babuganj market on November 2.

The woman became furious and hurled verbal abuse at the teenager before slapping her, causing a public brawl to break out.

In a video of the fight which went viral on social media, bystanders were seen trying to intervene before the police finally got involved.

Two women were shown hitting and grabbing the hair of a younger woman wearing a blue headscarf, which got pulled off during the scuffle. 

Officer Kanchan Katiyar said both the 40-year-old woman and the teenager were hauled up to the police station where they managed to come to an agreement without filing a formal complaint.

“The teenager had called the woman ‘aunt’, after which she burst into an outrage and beat up the girl. The girl also raised hands. 

“Both parties were taken to the police station. Later, their relatives arrived and they settled the issue among themselves,” said Kanchan.

The Babuganj market became a bustling hive of activity in the days leading up to the Hindu celebration of Karva Chauth on November 4.

The market is known for selling women’s garments, accessories, and cosmetics, and it is a popular destination for female shoppers in preparation for the Karva Chauth festivities.

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