From an Asian perspective, there are three key aspirations in life – happiness, longevity and fortune. And of course, the latter is the factor most closely related to gambling – so, given a choice of three rooms to gamble in, it only seems fitting to gamble in the Fortune Room.

Fortunately (no pun intended), there is just such a place on the Net – the Fortune Room Casino.

Fortune Room features the well-known Microgaming software platform. With 32 games, including all of the usual favorite table games, the Net’s most popular progressive slot machines as well as video poker and bonus slot machines, Fortune Room has already attracted a steady group of satisfied customers in the year since it opened for business.

Being a bit restless, I opted for a crack at the progressive Judi Bola slots – and these games were the ones I headed for immediately upon opening my account at Fortune Room.

People often ask me why I don’t play the low house edge games like blackjack any more – and the simple reason is that I gamble for entertainment and the thrill of a big win – something that is just not possible at most table games for the small amount of money that I choose to risk. But I digress…

Fortune Room currently features a bonus of $10, plus a 30% bonus of up to $300 – so I started out with 310 dollars when I went to play now famous Cashsplash progressive slots.

Against my recent streak of bad luck, I managed to win a little bit of money this time – FINALLY – perhaps Lady Luck or the Goddess of Fortune – depending on who you worship – pitied my past misfortunes and finally smiled on me.

After breaking about even trying out the other progressive slots, I went for a stroll through the bonus slots and Jacks or Better Video Poker – another of my favorites – and played a little blackjack just to get the monkey off my back.

And the monkey slowly climbed down off my back and ambled away to find another poor soul to attach himself to, because I even managed a little win at blackjack.

I can tell you now I’m not likely to leave the Fortune Room any time soon – that is, until it’s time to review another casino.

Fortune Room is a member of the well-established and trustworthy Fortune Lounge group. Reasonably efficient support and timely payouts help to make the customer feel more worthwhile – a pleasant surprise when compared to the usual nonchalant and slow attitude one finds at a number of other casinos.

If you have any doubts about your play or transactions, there is the usual Playcheck and Cashcheck facilities to audit your own account. And payment of winnings is particularly easy if you have a PayPal account, but you will also find the other usual options available to you depending on your personal preference.