Bobbi Brown Shares Her All-Time Best Beauty and Wellness Secrets

Courtesy Bobbi Brown

With four decades of experience in the beauty business, Bobbi Brown knows all of the best tricks of the trade. And since becoming a certified health coach in 2018 and launching her own supplement brand, Evolution_18, the pro has quickly become a guru in the wellness space too. So when we caught up with Bobbi, 63, to discuss what it was really like stepping away from her namesake brand and launching a new makeup line, Jones Road, last October, we couldn’t help but ask for all her secrets.

“During my freelance makeup career, I worked with every supermodel and every actress. I would try to understand why they look so good. Yes, it was makeup, but I also realized that it was also people that took care of themselves who looked really good,” Bobbi says.

Read on for the renowned expert’s must-know tips, from how

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Community: Montgomery Museum explores “The Changing Faces of Beauty” | Arts & Theatre

What makes a woman beautiful? Society’s answer changed significantly between 1870 and 1970. For better or worse, our appearance communicates something to the people around us. As cultural attitudes and codes of morality changed, so did the standards of beauty. The tools, products and techniques that were utilized to create the ideal look tell the stories of women’s daily lives, cultural attitudes about gender and race, and the empowerment of women.

“Beautiful: The Changing Faces of Beauty and Cosmetics, 1870-1970,” the new exhibit now installed at the Montgomery Museum of Art & History, explores these concepts through an array of historic cosmetics and beauty aids.

One issue the exhibit explores is the economic importance of the beauty industry for women. A display of rarely seen artifacts on loan from Christiansburg Institute Inc. tells the story of the young women at the institute who took cosmetology as part of their

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Lauren Chan Talks Fashion Career Advice & More

Seventeen’s How I Made It features professionals across various industries that are making waves in their careers. In the series, Seventeen Editor-in-Chief Kristin Koch interviews these leaders to answer your career questions.

Lauren Chan began her career as a plus-size model in New York City where she continues to walk the runways for some of the biggest names in fashion. Chan then became a fashion editor and went on to write award-winning pieces for publications like Vogue and Glamour. Through her work as a model and editor, Chan started to focus on size acceptance and body positivity.

Most recently, Chan launched Henning, a luxury womenswear line available in sizes 12 to 26. People like Ashley Graham, Stacey Abrams and Cori Bush have all been spotted wearing her pieces, NBD.

As a pioneer in bringing size-inclusive fashion to the forefront, Lauren shared all the details about being involved in multiple

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These Retro Beauty Ads Are Reimagined With Queer Models

As the camera shutter clicks, Jesi Taylor Cruz, lips slightly parted, pink nails gently pressed against blushed cheekbones, tries to channel one of the contestants from America’s Next Top Model, their favorite show growing up. The nails are important. This shoot, part of a project called Prim-n-Poppin, is inspired by sixties- and seventies-era cosmetics advertisements, and Cruz’s job is to sell that polish. Well, sort of.

It’s September 2019 and the Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio of beauty photographer Julia Comita is a flurry of activity. Hairstylist Raina D. Leon coifs one model to retro perfection while makeup artist Brenna Drury puts the finishing touches on another’s pastel eyeshadow. Still, Cruz remains focused, thinking, What would Tyra say to me right now?

After all, this moment is one Cruz had set sights on since moving to Brooklyn from Florida at age 19: “At some point when I came to New York,

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The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Monday

This Monday on Amazon, shop and save on all kind of deals on top-rated electronics and more.
This Monday on Amazon, shop and save on all kind of deals on top-rated electronics and more.

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Whether you’re working from home or still venturing out each day for a daily commute, one thing can be true for both camps: Mondays are kind of the worst. For those that need a quick distraction from the slog of it all, we’ve got just the thing: Yep, we’re talking about the best Amazon deals happening right now.

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Whether you’re looking to up your smoothie game

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The True Story of Princess Margaret’s Bathtub Tiara

Photo credit: YouTube/Netflix
Photo credit: YouTube/Netflix

From Town & Country

I’ve always had a soft spot for Princess Margaret—partly for the same reason President Johnson so enjoyed her (those limericks!), but also because she had a killer eye for jewelry. So let’s call this my own contribution to what episode two of season three of The Crown refers to as “Margaretology.”

One of Margaret’s favorite pieces was her Poltimore tiara, which, though in size and shape and splendor every inch a royal-worthy jewel, still holds some of Princess Margaret’s independent spirit. It did not come out of the monarch’s vault for Margaret’s use, but rather belonged to the Princess herself.

Legend has it Margaret bought the tiara, but there is actually some debate about that fact: “It was purchased for her at auction in January 1959. It is not absolutely clear whether Margaret, her sister the Queen, or her mother actually paid for

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