Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Virtual Wellness Festival to Offer Self-Guided Hypnosis, In-House Spiritual Coach

Kourtney Kardashian is taking her lifestyle brand, Poosh, to screens across the globe with her first virtual wellness festival.

Kardashian and her Poosh lifestyle and e-commerce web site are hosting the inaugural virtual event on Sept. 26 with the goal of bringing its content verticals, such as health, beauty, fitness and more, to life.

“Because of everything going on, we had to pivot and do it virtually, but I think it became positive because we get to bring in more people,” Kardashian said during a phone interview. “Especially during this time, health and wellness are such important things. It’s even more important to take care of yourself.”

According to Kardashian, the virtual festival embraces Poosh’s motto of “living your best life.” Panels focus on health and wellness topics, such as a guided self-hypnosis with Poosh’s “in-house spiritual coach,” a sexual wellness Q&A and how to muscle test at home.

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Murals Entertainment & Occasions

Distractions Art Studio is a guided do-it-yourself art expertise which fosters creativity in our group. We offer ceramics, canvas, board, steel and glass portray,mosaics, and spin art. Sony Music Group is proud to honor Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with quite a lot of actives for the Sony Music family starting from digital workshops to panels and artist showcases throughout the month of May. Work of Art Management is based Art And Entertainment in Los Angeles and helmed by Ryan Chisholm, who will serve as General Manager. He will oversee an lively roster that includes Mike Posner, Wes Period, and Milck, in addition to driving additional progress of the management firm’s shopper base. Also joining the artist administration staff is Robert Dugan, who will function a manager working with Chisholm.

  • Infants and toddlers have their very personal room that is quieter, softer, and full of age-applicable supplies.
  • If
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‘Beauty is Your Duty’ 80 years on – Churchill’s campaign that would spark outrage today

If a Prime Minister now were to suggest that women should ditch their trackie bottoms and put on lipstick to keep up morale, there would be outrage.

But 80 years ago, society was very different, and Winston Churchill’s government introduced clothes rationing and the iconic Beauty is your Duty campaign was rolled out across a war-weary country.

In 1941 there was a genuine fear that if women lost their femininity and looked scruffy or tired, it would lead to a collapse in morale which would be detrimental to society.

Britain’s oldest cosmetics firm, Yardley, rose to the challenge, telling customers, “Let us face the future bravely and honour the subtle bond between good looks and morale.”

Meanwhile Vogue told its readers that “a woman past caring is a woman past repairing”.

How do you think this campaign would be received today? Let us know in the comments section

A magazine ad for Yardley’s beauty range
A magazine
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5 Lessons Multibrand Showrooms Learnt During the Pandemic

MILAN The global pandemic that started spreading in Europe and the U.S. during the fall 2020 sales campaign last February and March deeply impacted the finely tuned machine of the fashion industry. Among the changes COVID-19 accelerated, the impossibility of traveling and the consequent digitalization of the buying process stand out as among the most disruptive and transformative. This is true for fashion houses, but also, and probably most dramatically, for multibrand showrooms that had to rethink their operations and strategies, embracing technology to reinvent the sales experience.

A year after the pandemic started shaking the world, WWD reached out to key Milan showrooms to learn what has changed so far and what lessons they learned.

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Brand Identity Is Key

“During the digital sales campaigns, it strongly emerged that the brands performing well are those with a strong identity and a precise image,” said Riccardo Grassi

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Fashion designer Alber Elbaz dies of Covid at 59

alber elbaz dies lanvin saint laurent  - Getty Images

alber elbaz dies lanvin saint laurent – Getty Images

The celebrated fashion designer Alber Elbaz has died at the age of 59.

Best known for his tenure at the helm of Lanvin from 2001 to 2015, Elbaz was a beloved figure in the fashion industry and this year launched a new label backed by Richemont, AZ Factory.

The designer died at a Paris hospital on Saturday, WWD reports. A Richemont spokesperson said the cause of death was Covid-19.

Yves Saint Laurent alber elbaz lanvin fashion designer - Getty Images

Yves Saint Laurent alber elbaz lanvin fashion designer – Getty Images

In a statement confirming Elbaz’ death, Richemont founder and chairman Johann Rupert said: “I have lost not only a colleague but a beloved friend. Alber had a richly deserved reputation as one of the industry’s brightest and most beloved figures. I was always taken by his intelligence, sensitivity, generosity and unbridled creativity.

“He was a man of exceptional warmth and talent,

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