As the App Catalog fills up more and more of us come upon the sorry, not enough memory error that none of us should even be close to given the 8GB of internal memory. When the T-Mobile G1 came out they had the same issue soon after launch, well it appears Palm may be addressing the issue for us. 

Rumors (or wishful thinking) are running rampant and if they are true Palm will be giving webOS a larger allocation of space to store applications. The space currently allowed is not nearly enough to store much of anything and apparently this didn’t occur to anyone when coming up with the limits. If Palm dose not make this portion larger the alternative may open up a lot of files that developers don’t want anyone getting a hold of.

We are looking at the possibility of an update in November but that is an entirely different rumor in itself. Remember to take this with a grain of salt because wishful thinking will take a rumor and make it seem far more true that it is and this rumor is just too convenient.