Save $75 on the Calphalon ActiveSense blender

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Calphalon's countertop appliances are just as heavy duty as its famous durable cookware.
Calphalon’s countertop appliances are just as heavy duty as its famous durable cookware.

Image: Calphalon

Save $74.99: The Calphalon ActiveSense Blender is on sale for $155 at Amazon as of March 1 — a more than 30% drop from its listing price on Calphalon’s website.

March marks the one-year mark since most of us had our first encounter with COVID’s ability to screw with our social lives. In that time, many of us have found new interests and learned new skills — but there’s time to squeeze in another quarantine hobby.

If cooking hasn’t been one of yours yet, consider adding some new recipes to your menu with Calphalon’s ActiveSense blender. This equal mix of beauty and beast currently sees a $74.99 price drop at Amazon — over 30% in savings that can’t even be found on Calphalon’s official website.

A blender is a perfect spring purchase solely for the frozen margaritas — but the number of dishes in your wheelhouse will surely expand with perfected soups, salsas, gravies, and more just a button away. Being “hands-free” is Calphalon’s whole getup with the ActiveSense. Once you’ve selected one of the five presets (smoothie, salsa, milkshake, frozen drink, and juice) and consistency preference, the 1,200-watt motor and ActiveSense automatic blade speed adjustment take care of the rest. 

That power isn’t far off from the 1,400 wattage of a typical Vitamix. We dig the fact that the ActiveSense doubles as a personal blender (it comes with a huge two-liter jar and 24-ounce Blend-N-Go cup) without forcing you into the 750-watt motor that powers many strictly personal blenders.

People like when a tamper is included with a blender purchase, but nobody wants to have to use one. Stopping mid-blend for some scraping and smooshing shouldn’t be a guaranteed part of the blending process. Calphalon insists that won’t be an issue here — that the ActiveSense doesn’t need you at all. Now, considering the fact that even the best Vitamix models necessitate manual help on occasion, it’s a bold claim. But reviewers back it up: 76% of buyers on Amazon gave it five stars and mention crushing thing from celery to Oreos without jamming or surprise hard pieces in a perfect purée.

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