Xtreme Games LLC located in San Jose, California and founded in 1995 by game programming author Andre’ LaMothe is hosting the second Xtreme Games Developers Conference (XGDC) named “RESURRECTION 2000”. Last year’s event “Armageddon 99” was incredibly successful with over 200 attendees. Xtreme Games was created to address the problem of giving entry level developers a way into the business while at the same time creating a massive world wide network of companies (Over 400 to date). Xtreme partners not only create games that Xtreme publishes, but share and exchange technology, ideas, and source code.


Xtreme Games is hosting the “RESURRECTION 2000” Game Developers Conference


As part of Xtreme Games on-going strategy to help entry level, and small budget developers get into the business, Xtreme Games is hosting its own Xtreme Games Developers Conference. Code-named “RESURRECTION 2000”, the Xtreme Games Developers Conference (XGDC) will be held September 30th and October 1st, 2000 which falls on a Saturday and Sunday, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The two-day grass roots conference is targeted toward game developers only; no business, no marketing, no fluff, just hard core game programming, design, and technology lectures. The conference is open to the public and tickets are $125.00 for the entire event.


CEO and founder of Xtreme Games LLC Andre’ LaMothe feels that the “standard” slot online terpercaya  Game Developer Conference (GDC) is way out of the price range of most developers with its $1000 plus price tag, and that its commercialization has detracted from its effectiveness. Hence, Xtreme Games will host the Xtreme Games Developers Conference each year to bring solid content back to the game development community and make the price of the conference affordable to everyone.


The current sponsor list includes Microsoft, Intel, 3dfx, Creative Labs, eInstitute, GameDev.Net and Computer Literacy as the official bookstore of the XGDC.


SongBoy.com Under Fire From Nintendo Gameboy; Internet Entrepreneurs Denied Nintendo License


PALO ALTO, Calif.–June 9, 2000–Nintendo of America Inc. has filed an infringement complaint against SongBoy.Com(TM), a minority-owned company that has developed a digital multimedia player plug-in module that transforms the Nintendo Gameboy(TM) player into a CD-like music player.


SongBoy.Com’s(TM) request to become a Nintendo licensee was denied by the company. SongBoy.Com(TM) is stating that Nintendo’s claims are not valid and the lawsuit is a harassment measure. SongBoy.Com is seeking support from the global business community for its efforts.


“Our legal team has taken great measures to ensure that we have in no way violated the Nintendo patent and trademark. We view their proposed lawsuit as an attempt to stifle our entry into the marketplace,” cited Mark Bush, CMO of SongBoy.Com(TM).


The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. has come on board with his support and has requested a meeting with Nintendo of America in response to its proposed federal lawsuit against SongBoy.Com(TM). SongBoy.Com is a trade bureau member of Jackson’s Rainbow/Push Coalition, as they actively seek to create and promote opportunities for women and minorities as a means to expanding the American economy.


Jackson has recently called the Silicon Valley to task for its seeming exclusion of minorities. Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) have all embraced his efforts. Jackson’s goal is to build digital connections and bridges for the next millennium.


As Jackson notes in a correspondence forwarded to Nintendo executives: “I am concerned about the lack of consideration that Nintendo has given to expanding opportunities for African American entrepreneurs and businesses. The African American community is a great supporter of Nintendo’s products, with the GameBoy(TM) color unit selling to at least 65% of African American households. We would hope that Nintendo would welcome a partnership with an African American company.”


“You go to school to learn how to play the corporate game. But the powers that be try to stop you at every turn,” cited Ron L. Jones, CEO of SongBoy.Com(TM) and inventor of the SongBoy(TM). “There’s no way that we are going to discontinue our SongBoy.Com(TM) product. We are not going to let Nintendo stop our contribution of making digital music devices affordable.


“We like to think that our product, by turning the GameBoy(TM) into a musical player, offers a peaceful alternative to the many computer games filled with violent imagery. In addition, it is a component that is not only affordable, but can be embraced by the entire family,” he added.


The SongBoy.Com is positioned to retail for $80.00.


Added Bush, “Our product will still be manufactured and launched initially with music only for Gameboy(TM) and with all the other proposed features for the Neo Geo Pocket Player(TM).”


SongBoy.Com(TM) is an African American-owned, Silicon Valley digital media start-up company, providing hardware, software and content to consumers and businesses. SongBoy.Com(TM) has already created successful partnerships and alliances with Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Emusic.com and rap artist Chuck D’s Rapstation.com.


The company has garnered the attention of “new media” press internationally, and was recently profiled on CNNfn. SongJones.Com(TM) is the SongBoy’s(TM) sister component that is compatible with the New Geo Pocket Player(TM). For more information, access the Web site at www.SongBoy.com.


If you have any questions, wish to schedule an interview with a SongBoy.com executive, please contact me at russell@taggin.com or call me at 310-273-1157.