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Our lost pet recovery specialists are nonetheless working 24/7 safely from home to assist reunite lacking pets. Our telephones are open and ready and you can also reach us through live chat or email us at Please observe that ID products ordered may experience a slight delay in supply. You will receive a cargo affirmation e mail as soon as your ID merchandise have shipped. See photos and displays of well-known pets like George Washington’s horse, Nelson; the Clintons’ famousBuddyandSocks; the Bush White House pets,Miss Beazley,Barney, andSpot; and plenty of more. Hundreds of things of interest are displayed for lovers of pets, presidents, and pet trivia.


Arrange together with your veterinarian for required photographs and certificates throughout the specified time interval. Notify the post upon getting your project that you’ll be bringing a pet and what type.

Meet Our New Pets Of The Weeks, Harley And Diamond!

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Trump invokes emergency authority, no new cases in Wuhan

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — President Donald Trump invoked emergency authority to marshal industry to fight the coronavirus, as the economic fallout from the pandemic mounted Wednesday with major U.S. auto manufacturers saying they are shutting down their North American factories.

The announcements came hours before China said the former virus epicenter of Wuhan and its surrounding province had reported no new cases, a dramatic development in the city overwhelmed by thousands of new patients each day when the outbreak was peaking there last month.

On a day of head-spinning developments:

— Stocks tumbled again on Wall Street on fears of a prolonged recession, falling so fast they triggered another automatic trading halt. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed more than 1,300 points, or over 6%, and has now lost nearly all of the big gains it had posted since Trump’s inauguration. Oil dropped below $21 per barrel for the first time

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