Mindy Kaling Owns Troll Who Used GIF of ‘Office’ Episode

In true “Office” fashion, Mindy Kaling had the last laugh when a Twitter user tried to troll her while expressing his dislike for her involvement in HBO Max’s new “Scooby Doo” series.

“Starring Mindy Kaling?” the troll wrote in response to news of the project — an adult live action animated prequel focused on Velma Dinkley, who Kaling will voice. Trying to be clever about his feelings, he added a popular gif from “The Office” that shows Michael Scott yelling “NOOOO.”

But he apparently wasn’t clever enough, and he definitely didn’t have enough knowledge of the hit sitcom. Because Kaling quickly turned the tables on him, putting his tweet on blast by replying “I wrote the episode of The Office this gif is from.”

What a perfect mic drop.

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‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Finale Recap, Episode 13

Cue the Mormon ghost-choir hype music, because we made it! Alas, the season finale. This episode is extra long not because of any wall-to-wall drama but because Bravo was like, “Everyone’s memory is surely shot after almost a year of trying to survive a global pandemic, so let’s roll the tape to give context to every single moment.” That’s not how memory works! Sure, my brain is an empty husk that immediately blacks out upon joining Zoom and can’t tell the difference between left and right without making finger L’s, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rattle off every time Meredith used her blender or recount Mary’s top-five best grandma-hand-me-down Chanel looks. Just because some of these ladies don’t contain multitudes doesn’t mean we don’t! If the editors gave us even the tiniest bit of credit, they would have so much more latitude to go full VPR or RHOP

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Emily in Paris Recap, Season 1 Episode 5: ‘Faux Amis’

Emily in Paris

Faux Amis

Season 1

Episode 5

Editor’s Rating

3 stars


Emily is in a bind: Gabriel’s girlfriend is both beautiful and genuinely nice. If everyone in France is so sexually liberated, why doesn’t she angle for a spot as the unicorn in this relationship? Alas, Emily instead sees the whole thing as a nonstarter and decides she is going to avoid Camille and Gabriel, which is obviously impossible to do. To make this point unmissable, Camille pops by breakfast just to say hello and be in a selfie.

But at least her professional life appears to be on the upswing: Durée Cosmetics has slid into Emily’s DMs to invite her to an influencer lunch. Julian does not believe Emily is an influencer (correct), plus, Durée is a former client and the break-up was quite acrimonious. Emily tries to find out what

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