5G Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling an Entire Economy of Scams

Illustration for article titled 5G Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling an Entire Economy of Scammy Gadgets

Illustration: Elena Scotti, Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock

It’s an unfortunate truth that snake oil salesmen lurk behind every corner of the internet, waiting for the next conspiracy or wellness fad so they can swoop in with cure-all wares and rob people of their hard-earned cash. It’s also true that people generally fear the unknown—and new technology slots neatly into that category. So it’s really no surprise that the dawn of 5G has spawned an entire online market of scams.

Amazon, Etsy, and eBay all host thousands of products that claim to “protect” you from the harmful effects of 5G. They range from so-called Faraday cages, which are basically mesh office file organizers, to thumb drives that claim to create holographic shields against 5G waves. You can find new-agey jewelry made of shungite, silver-laced neck gaiters parading as hoods, and this ridiculous $40 sticker

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