Why I Cast Facially-Different Actors in My Movie ‘Happy Face’

Happy Face is not an advocacy film. Happy Face is an imperfect film about imperfect people in an imperfect world.

This film is above all a personal story through which I sought catharsis—a way to free myself from the guilt of having been ashamed of my own mother when, sick with cancer, she lost her “beauty.”

Happy Face is also the first part of my “Cancer Trilogy”—a project of three feature-length fictional/autobiographical films, based on the fears and fantasies resulting from my experiences with this disease. The film recounts the events surrounding my mother’s death when I was a young man and revolves around the theme evoked by the words “…animate your mind instead of your body and you will be immensely rich.” Words she wrote to me just before she died as advice for life.

In the story, Stan, a chimeric 19-year-old boy, is torn between

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Jeffree Star’s Latest Promo Pics Feature a Woman of Color in a Mouse Trap and Twitter Isn’t Happy

Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth – Getty Images

From Seventeen

  • Jeffree Star’s promotional pics for his new Velvet Trap Lipsticks feature a woman of color in a mouse trap and Twitter is NOT happy about it.

  • Many pointed out that Jeffree has a history of calling Black women “rats.”

It’s just another day and a new scandal for Jeffree Star. After major backlash around his Cremated Palette and drama with ex-Andre Marhold, Twitter is calling Jeffree out for what fans think is subtle racism.

On his YouTube channel, Jeffree announced the launch of his new lipstick formula called Velvet Trap, addressing viewers while sitting in the middle of a giant bear trap. Promotional images for the new line continue the theme, depicting models trapped in giant mouse and bear traps.

After Jeffree Star Cosmetics shared the photos, commenters began voicing their displeasure that a woman of color was shown

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