Polish teen’s fake beauty site helps lockdown abuse victims

Worried about reports of rising domestic violence during lockdown, Polish teen Krysia Paszko set up a website purporting to be a cosmetics shop that actually offers victims covert help.

“I was inspired by this French idea, where by going to the pharmacy and asking for the number 19 mask, you could signal that you were a victim of abuse,” the Warsaw high school student told AFP.

The 18-year-old decided that Poland could also use some kind of code during the pandemic, when families have been cooped up together under stress, with less privacy and more abuse.

During the first lockdown that began in March last year, the Centre for Women’s Rights, a Polish NGO, observed a 50-percent increase in calls to its domestic violence hotline.

The World Health Organization also reported a surge in Europe.

Paszko created the Facebook page Rumianki i Bratki (Chamomiles and Pansies) in April 2020.


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Nonprofit helps senior with worn-out shoes

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her kindhearted response to a senior who had been struggling to walk in a pair of worn-out shoes.

On Jan. 24, Shirley Raines, the founder of the nonprofit Beauty 2 The Streetz, shared a TikTok in which she comes across the senior as the latter shuffles her feet and holds onto another woman.

“This lady’s shoes … She don’t have no better shoes than that?” Raines asks in the clip. “What size shoes you got, queen?”


Thanks to your donations I keep emergency new shoes in the van. 🙏🏾 This older Queen really needed them.

♬ original sound – Shirley

When the senior tells Raines that she wears a size 9, Raines immediately checks her van to see if she has a pair to replace the worn-out shoes. Fortunately, a volunteer in the vehicle finds a pair of Adidas in the

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