Anthony Mackie’s Shakespearean training helped him tackle iconic 8 Mile rap battle

Celebrating Black Art: Superheroes

Black heroes have historically been underrepresented on screen, but recent decades have seen more black characters saving the world too.

When facing Eminem in a rap battle, you may have to go deep into your bag of tricks. The star of the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie told Sean Evans on the latest episode of Hot Ones that he went 16th-century English poesy deep when prepping to play the privileged rapper Clarence “Papa Doc” in 8 Mile. Papa Doc famously loses to Eminem’s B-Rabbit in an embarrassing fashion during the climax of the hit drama.

“I find myself very lucky to have studied Shakespeare,” Mackie says. “The idea of approaching a rapper from the perspective of an actor, you’re really just speaking in poems. I always said, one of the greatest rappers ever lived was Shakespeare.”

Mackie was doing the interview

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