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Lori Harvey can do no wrong. From her fashion sense to her natural beauty and even her taste in eligible men (hi Michael B. Jordan), our good sis stays winning and has everybody wondering what her secret to success is. While we may not have all the answers on how to win like Lori just yet, we do have a hint into how she keeps her skin looking so gorgeous.

The 24-year-old recently sat down with Vogue for the latest edition of their Beauty Secrets franchise where she dished on all things skincare and beauty.  “I love to be dewy and glowy and radiant,” she told Vogue which explains why it looks as if she’s literally always glowing.  But instead of using a highlighter or glittery shadow to achieve that look, Lori swears by developing a healthy skin care routine first, stating that “skincare

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An Editor’s Post-Procedure, Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Last week I had laser for the first time to treat some pigmentation on my cheeks (more on that to come). You would think as a beauty editor that I’d do my due-diligence and work out that downtime post-laser is significant, but I did not. And funnily enough had planned my belated birthday party for exactly 24 hours later. Laser is superficial, and the only real rule is to avoid actives and stay the hell away from the sun, but it does leave you really red, spotty, and rough.

I wasn’t so vain as to cancel my lunch, but I obviously wanted to soften the redness and fake a smoother texture. My normal roster of feather-light makeup felt redundant, so I landed on three products (all ones I love) that together, created a full but believable base.

I know it’s tough to find products that truly conceal skin texture and

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Blanca Padilla Let’s Us In On Her Supermodel Beauty Routine

Model Blanca Padilla spends a great deal of time on set in the makeup chair, so when it comes to her personal beauty routine, the girl likes to keep things simple. The perfect example is her latest Instagram post, where she shared a 10-minute, almost-five product beauty routine.


First up, Padilla applied a serum to damp hair, before moisturizing her skin and going in with a handful of makeup products: concealer to even out and illuminate the complexion, a subtle contour stick, eyelash curler and mascara, highlighter, brows, lipliner and lipstick on both the lips and cheeks. She omits the lip stuff out of the “five product count” but admittedly it still seems slightly over-seven not including the eyelash curler? Either way, it’s definitely minimalist and judging by the beautiful end result, we’re absolutely taking notes.

See Padilla in action

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9 Best Beauty Boxes To Transform Your Beauty Routine

Discovering new makeup and skincare products is a little more challenging with less in-store shopping happening these days. You can’t necessarily test a product’s consistency, swatch a color, or fall in love with a brand’s flawless packaging in your hand. The best beauty boxes will basically do the shopping for you and deliver a curated selection of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and more to your door to try. Whether you’d like to customize your beauty box to your preferences, stick to only vegan and clean products, or you’re looking for trendy new makeup to experiment with, there is a beauty subscription box for you.

Below, we found nine of the best beauty boxes that offer everything from the latest premium products to personalized sets of items just for you.


This quarterly beauty and lifestyle box launched in 2013 and since then has built an impressive community of

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Everything in Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s makeup routine is less than $50


Make Your Beauty Routine More Effective With This One Simple Challenge

As a beauty editor, I’ve tried some pretty extreme self-care practices in the name of serviceable journalism (“We Tried [insert unheard-of beauty treatment here], So You Don’t Have To”). So, when Crabtree & Evelyn recently tasked me with approaching self-care through a simpler lens — one that only required a mere shift in my perspective — I was intrigued. The challenge? Channel each of the five senses — sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch — with my self-care practices throughout the week to see how it affected my overall mood and if it breathed any new life into my regular routine. Would paying more attention to the feel of each skin-care product I used change my application of it? Would being more intentional about the scents I sought out help me better de-stress? Equipped with a fresh mindset

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