Welcome to the GG Joker’s page. The GG Joker is solid gold and every time he plays around with you you will win a Bonus Deposit of $10, $15, $20 or $25 with one of the trusted casinos who sponsor GoneGambling!

To be eligible to claim your Joker Bonus you must have deposited and played a minimum of $50 of your own money in the past thirty days with the sponsoring casino. If you play the GG Joker game and have not deposited with the sponsoring casino in the past 30 days then your Bonus Deposit will not be awarded. It’s important to note some casinos may not allow you to claim a Bonus Deposit on your first deposit with the casino. This is because they already offer great sign up bonuses on your first deposit. See the bottom of this page for details of claiming your Joker Bonus if you’re opening a new account with a sponsoring casino.

Playing Around With The GG Joker

Before you can play with the GG Joker you have to find him and click on him. How do I find him I hear you ask? The GG Joker can appear at random on any page of the site at any time for any member. When you click on the GG Joker it will bring you to this page. On arrival at this page you will have to log in to continue. When you have Inscrivez-Vous logged in you will be informed as to which casino the GG Joker has chosen to give you a Bonus Deposit with. If you don’t already have an account with the chosen casino the GG Joker will give you 48 hours to open an account. If you do already have an account the GG Joker will allow you to continue on to play one of FOUR special games he controls.

If you have played with the GG Joker before log in now to play your game. If you would like to see how each of the GG Joker games works see below.

Username Password Access The GGen Joker Game

Joker Aces

The GG Joker will deal you four cards face down. You must then choose one of the four cards to determine the amount of your GG Joker Bonus. The prize table is as follows:

Ace Spades: $10 Bonus Deposit.

Ace Clubs: $15 Bonus Deposit.

Ace Diamonds: $20 Bonus Deposit.

Ace Hearts: $25 Bonus Deposit.

Joker Lotto

The GG Joker will allow you to play one game of instant lotto. To start the game you will need to select select three numbers between one and ten. Next you click on the play button and the GG Joker will draw three winning numbers. The size of the Bonus Deposit you win depends on how many of your chosen numbers match the numbers drawn by the GG Joker. The prize table is as follows:

Match 0 Numbers: $10 Bonus Deposit.

Match 1 Number: $15 Bonus Deposit.

Match 2 Numbers: $20 Bonus Deposit.

Match 3 Numbers: $25 Bonus Deposit.

Joker Archery

The GG Joker will fire an arrow from his bow into a target at the far side of the field. The size of your Bonus Deposit depends on how accurate the GG Jokers aim is. The prize table is as follows:

Miss: $10 Bonus Deposit.

Outer Ring: $15 Bonus Deposit.

Inner Ring: $20 Bonus Deposit.

Bulls Eye: $25 Bonus Deposit.

Joker Spin The Slots Reels

The GG Joker will present you with nine slots reels. Click on the reels one at a time to reveal an amount. Continue clicking the reels until you have three matching amounts. That amount then becomes your Bonus Deposit.

Three x $10: $10 Bonus Deposit.

Three x $15: $15 Bonus Deposit.

Three x $20: $20 Bonus Deposit.

Three x $25: $25 Bonus Deposit.

New Account GG Joker Bonuses

Some casinos may not honor Bonus Deposits won at GoneGambling if you are making your first deposit with the casino. The reason is that many casinos offer great first deposit bonuses to new players anyway, and they don’t want to pay out double or even triple bonuses on a first deposit.

If a casino refuses to honor a GG Joker Bonus on a first deposit with the casino GoneGambling will replace the Bonus Deposit with double the GG Points value in your GG Points Bank. A $10 Bonus Deposit will result in 2,000 GG Points being placed in your bank. A $15 Bonus Deposit will result in 3,000 GG Points being placed in your bank. A $20 Bonus Deposit will result in 4,000 GG Points being placed in your bank. And finally a $25 Bonus Deposit will result in 5,000 GG Points being placed in your bank.

Before GoneGambling will substitute GG Points for a Bonus Deposit you must supply an email from the casino stating that they will not honor the GG Joker Bonus based on your first deposit only. This means that you must have deposited and played your $50 with the casino in the past few days. Do not try and have GoneGambling substitute GG Points for a disallowed Bonus Deposit for any reason other than the reason outlined above.

Malfunction – Errors

A malfunction of any part of the GG Joker game will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the GoneGambling site. If you don’t like these terms then don’t play the game.

Errors or problems should be reported to GoneGambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please quote the game number and your username to aid us in looking into the problem.