Other methods are frame/pixel loads where the visitors do not see your web-site but your log will register a visit. Incentive based Clicks/Visits where users only click to obtain a free Lotto or earn click to their own site. These type of sites even have automated display so an user can go on a 14 days holiday while the computer displays a web-site every 15 second. You would not waste your money on this kind of advertising.


The area off “Paid to Surf” networks have expanded dramatically over the last 6-9 months and we now see many websites that sell traffic from these networks. Some at reduced prices some with very high prices. There are two main types of traffic. One where the surfer is paid to visit websites on a regular basis and the other area where the surfer is paid to either click on links or make a signup.


The real incentive is for the surfer to get into your site and do what he/she is paid for and then leave. As the payouts are very low people try to automate the visit and use everything from CrazyBrowser to more automated scripts that can make predetermined clicks on a website. Your visitor/sale ratio usually remains at zero when you purcjase this type of traffic.


PerfectTraffic have automated systems that look for certain patterns in the traffic we deliver and we usually spot such activity within 3-6 hours and make sure that publisher sites with the above pattern are removed.


How to start a traffic tidal wave of traffic

It is so easy – we do all the work.


You simply:


If you wish, we will then look over your site to help you get the most of the Playable Ad program. There are several methods you can employ to enhance your results. Read “How to take advantage of our traffic” below and use our Analysis Tool to analyze your campaign page.


How your traffic is delivered

When a web-site is called up by a Internet user, your site is silently displayed, behind the current one so that when the user exits the current page, your page (also called the ‘pop-under’) is exposed with your ad in front of them. This is your chance to pitch your product or service.


Pop Advertising is obviously one of the most successful forms of getting your ad out on the web. Every time a visitor goes to one site in our network of extremely high volume web-sites, your web page will pop up and will immediately grab the visitor’s attention! This is the basis for all such web-site visitor traffic, so why not make the smart choice and pay less with more options?


The best part…

Since the pop-under is your web-site, a specific page or an ad you have created for your web-site, you can change the page at any given point in the process, depending on whether you like the results of your campaign. These are just some of the other options that make PerfectTraffic.com the best choice for your traffic supply.