Pot Limit Turbo Holdem is traditionally a faster game. Although when there are over 60 rebuys, the game tends to get drawn out a little. The 25th Summer Champs Event saw 179 players register, and a substantial $732 cash prize for first place. Which deservedly went to sanghoki . Enjoy.

As usual the final few tables were filled with Summer Champs victors, including Makiman77 who placed second, lestage35 who placed third, and casuallies who came in at 9th. Another player, who has been rather prevalent in the Summer Champs tournaments of late; DaduhWeeWah, once again left his mark on the game.

A monster hand saw WeeWah up against straights from liliwin11 (queen high), bushman19 (king high) and JeromeB812 (king high), only to pull through smashing them with a royal flush and bringing about the onset of final table. Nice hand indeed WeeWah.

It’s been a while since it has been mentioned on here, but I’m sure it’s not far from a lot of player’s minds. I’m talking about the Bounty Grandmaster Promo. The promotion that rewards you for good play against tough opponents, and penalizes you for bad play against weak opponents. Based upon the ELO rating system, the Bounty Grandmaster pays monthly cash prizes and satellite coupons to the top 200 players.

This month sees the leader board and winnings as such;

Place Name Points Winnings

1 Cnatspell 1868 $250

2 VIZZZZ 1840 $150

3 therealndwarrior 1826 $100

4 zackelwahn 1826 $50

5 Makiman77 1820 $50

6 wicth24 1818 $2

7 icaica 1813 $2

8 StoGoloSou 1807 $

9 balbizz974 1775 $

10 nikki85 1775 $

Congratulations players, your positions were hard earned. The new months competition is fiercely underway, to check your leader board progress click here and simply click on the leader board tab. Also for further reading, check out the ELO ranking system here (it’s quite an interesting read). Finally, for all you place getters, keep an eye out for your new accolades in your in game player box.

Once again the weekends came and gone, and with it a flurry of poker tournaments. The Summer Champs played out another four events, and is moving on into its final stages. Four more completed tournaments means four more cashed up winners – Rpearson, Tfalbb0, Daduhweewah and ChicoM, who took home just under $2,000 between them. Enjoy guys.

Special mention must go to Daduhweewah for his second summer champs win in only a matter of days, and to shomy21, who once again placed in the final two of a tournament. Not surprisingly between them they take the two prime slots on the summer champs leader board. This will no doubt give them a decisive advantage come the Tournament of Champions with unique starting chip stacks.

The Summer Champs isn’t the only poker action pushing along, in Vegas the WSOP continues as well. The total prize money is up to $80 million now, after 40 events. There are several bigger televised tournaments coming out of Vegas over the next few days, if your lucky enough to have pay TV, make sure you tune in and check out the pros hard at it.